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WSB Gaming Disqualified From OS Invitational?

Umesh Borkar
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It has been revealed that WSB Gaming was disqualified from the ongoing OS Invitational tournament due to competitive misconduct.
The OS Esports management have issued a statement and revealed that the disqualification occurred due to miscommunication between the team and the management and WSB Gaming will continue playing the tournament.

WSB Gaming is a newly formed Esports organization which made its entry into the Indian Esports market with its Battlegrounds Mobile India lineup. Its roster consists of upcoming young talents like Scream, Raiden and Zeref

The ongoing Omega Slayers (OS) Invitational Grand Finals has seen some intense battles between the seasoned teams. In the midst of the tournament it was revealed that WSB Gaming was disqualified due to competitive misconduct.

WSB Gaming disqualified for competitive misconduct

In a shocking turn of events it was revealed that WSB Gaming has been disqualified from the ongoing OS Invitational tournament. The owner of WSB Gaming revealed some details about the team's disqualification.

The management from Omega Slayers Esports issued a statement on WSB Gaming’s  disqualification, “WSB Gaming has violated fair play standards by engaging in competitive misconduct. As a consequence they have been disqualified from this tournament. OS Esports always stands by prioritizing fairness and upholds the integrity of true sportsmanship. We request each and every team to participate and be respectful towards each other and play fundamentally”. 

After the issue was made public Ujjaval Pandya, the Owner of WSB Gaming, shared details about why WSB Gaming was disqualified, “Our team relayed the news to me in the midst of the OS tournament. After securing two consecutive wins against Entity, the organizers and the Entity manager made an unexpected demand from us to relinquish our drop location. The consequence of non compliance was a potential disqualification of WSB from the tournament. Tempers flared, as is customary in such competitive settings. But the decision to strip us of a slot in an ongoing tournament due to the Entity’s recurrent defeats raised eyebrows”.

Pranjal Mishra, a member from Entity, replied to WSB Gaming’s owners claims and provided more details as to why WSB Gaming was disqualified and wrote,“So there is one wrong piece of information going on right now. That some team eliminated us in two games so we asked the Tournament Organizers to Disqualify them. The team has left the tournament after qualifying for the finals and Medal Esports played in their place. So if a team leaves a tournament and tries to join back mid of the tournament shouldn't be allowed. We are not scared of taking drop clashes with any of the team. If you are better we will leave or vice versa. But rules are there for everyone. No one should be allowed to join the tournament in between as it is unfair for the rest of the teams. If we do the same thing, I expect the same decision from the Tournament Organizers”. 

S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi also reacted to the issue and wrote, “Did WSB just get Disqualified because they refused to give up their drop location”.

OS Esports management issued a clarification on the issue and said that WSB Gaming was disqualified due to miscommunication and it has sorted the issue and it can continue to resume playing the tournament. The statement read, “Due to miscommunication WSB Gaming was disqualified today. Everything is sorted between us and WSB and they will resume playing from tomorrow. We apologize for the miscommunications, we assure that this won’t happen again. We are not here to solve drop issues, drop clashes are related to teams, they will get it solved on their own.”

OS Esports statement

“WSB refused to play on Day 1 of the Grand Finals. We didn’t stop them from playing, they refused themselves due to clashes. On Day 2 they came to play after which miscommunications occurred. We apologize again for our mistake”. 

OS Esports statement

The owner of WSB Gaming replied to the management's statement and said, “Is it a threat or politics? The Entity manager clearly communicated to our head of ops their determination to prevent WSB from getting slots in any tournaments. They mentioned their plan to liaise with all tournament organizers and ensure if WSB is set to play, other teams will not participate”.

The management has given a green signal to WSB Gaming to play the rest of the tournament. It will be interesting to see if WSB Gaming returns to play on Day 3 of the Grand Finals.

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