Wise Reflects on Owl and Yue's Performance in MSC 2023 Grand Finals

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Wise Reflects on Owl and Yue's Performance in MSC 2023 Grand Finals</p></div>
Wise Reflects on Owl and Yue's Performance in MSC 2023 Grand Finals



Wise shares his assessment of Yue and Owl's performance in the MSC 2023 grand finals.
According to Wise, the team had better chances winning against ONIC Esports if Owl and Yue did not succumb to pressure.
Wise believes that Owl and Yue still have potential and need to work on their confidence.

Blacklist International's inability to maintain the historic supremacy of Philippine teams in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2023 was evident as the team fell short in its defense. The highly acclaimed Indonesian team, ONIC Esports, emerged victorious, defeating the Codebreakers with a 4-2 score. Despite this setback and the missed opportunity to secure another championship win, Blacklist International's journey is far from over. According to Danerie "Wise" Rosario, the team's exceptional jungler, the recent additions to the roster have yet to fully showcase their immense potential. He further elaborated that there were times when Blacklist International could have won their matches if the two players did not succumb to pressure.

Wise's Assessment of Owl and Yue in Blacklist International's Match against ONIC Esports

During a post-match press conference, Wise shared his insights on Blacklist International's recent encounter with ONIC Esports. According to him, he firmly believes that Lee "Owl" Gonzales and Kenneth "Yue" Tadeo, the team's young talents, possess immense untapped potential.

“At first, I felt that they were nervous and they weren't playing their usual plays,” said Wise.

He further explained that by the time both players regained their composure and started performing confidently against ONIC Esports, it was already too late, as the team had already found itself on the losing side.

“I think it was already too late when they got their confidence. There were opportunities where we could have won but they haven’t shown their best potential,” he said.

Wise reflected that “I felt sad because I know they are strong but they just couldn’t show their 100% potential and when they did, it was already too late.”

Although Blacklist International faced defeat against ONIC Esports in the grand finals of the MSC 2023, the team remains resolute in honing its lineup and gearing up for upcoming tournaments, with a particular focus on the forthcoming Mobile Legends Professional League Philippine Season 12.

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