Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 15: Start/End Date, Rewards & Cost

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 15: Start/End Date, Rewards &amp; Cost</p></div>
Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 15: Start/End Date, Rewards &amp; Cost


The Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 15 will be accessible from 19th July 2023 to 31st August 2023.
It is a type of reward tracker that lets players unlock rewards like emotes and currencies upon completing Wild Pass missions.
Players must unlock their rewards as soon as possible since the points will expire once the season ends.

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 15 for League of Legends is here! It will be accessible from 19th July 2023 to 31st August 2023. It is an easy way for players to access additional, entertaining content from the game. To simplify, it acts as a sort of reward tracker that tracks a player’s gameplay and performance in order to help him unlock rewards like emotes, currencies and even exclusive skins! 

Here is all you need to know about the Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 15. 

Wild Rift Wild Pass Season 15

The Wild Rift Pass Season offers exciting rewards to players while giving them an opportunity to boost their performance and level up. With the new patch out, players expected a Wild Pass to arrive. However, due to Riot’s decision to reduce the number of patch releases in a year, it will offer two passes in a single patch as compensation. 

The Wild Rift Wild Pass will cost a player around 590 Wild Cores or $6.50. 

Wild Rift Wild Pass: Rewards  

A Wild Pass benefits players in a number of ways. Players who opt for the Wild Pass Elite can enjoy the same benefits as the Premium Wild Pass. It offers the first twenty levels unlocked and for every mission that players complete, they receive an extra 20% XP. Apart from this, players can also avail themselves of a role-choice skin chest as opposed to a random skin chest and choose a random skin from their preferred position. 

As is customary, it will feature over 50 reward levels and each reward can be unlocked as players complete each level. This is applicable to both free and premium tracks. Players opting for the Wild Pass Emporium can obtain 17 more reward levels. 

Upon completion of the Wild Pass for Season 15, players will receive the Food Spirits Yuumi Skin. 

Food Spirits Yuumi Skin

Wild Rift

Wild Pass Emporium

The Wild Pass Emporium is an exclusive store that Wild Pass holders can access to gather unique rewards. For every 100 points of Wild Pass XP that players accumulate after completing 50 levels, they will receive an additional 10 Wild Stars. 

These Wild Stars can be used as in-game currency to purchase different items. However, players must use them before time runs out since they will expire when the season concludes.

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