Wild Rift Reworked Sona: Release Date, Abilities, and More


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Wild Rift Reworked Sona: Release Date, Abilities, and More

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The Wild Rift Sona rework is set to be released on 7th December.
The rework changes Sona's Passive and Ultimate abilities in Wild Rift.

One of the fan-favorite support champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift, Sona, may be receiving a rework for her abilities soon. The champion is considered a mid-tier support in the meta but has seen less viability due to other enchanters offering more utility for the team. The adjustments are specifically for her Passive and Ultimate abilities, making her more viable as an enchanter support. The Wild Rift reworked Sona is yet to be released in the game. However, data miners have provided players with a glimpse of what they can expect in the future.

When is Wild Rift Sona Rework release date

According to Riot Games, the Wild Rift Sona rework is set to be released on 7th December 2023. The champion will receive both adjustments to her abilities as well as visual effects, specifically for her Passive and Ultimate.

According to Riot Games, this rework should address Sona’s in-game issues regarding her presence in the game. “She is relatively weak early and lacks impact in mid and late-game. Her ult while powerful, requires strong teamwork from the other 4 players to truly shine. We think these issues are why she is not as popular as other supports.”

These changes will allow Sona more opportunities to shine, especially during team fights where crowd control is needed. Riot Games is hoping that this will make her more useful in the Dragon Lane and make her more competitive as more champions gets introduced to the game.

Keep in mind that only Sona's Passive and Ultimate ability shall receive a rework. Her other abilities will remain the same. However, she may be receiving a few buffs or nerfs depending on how she performs once her rework gets implemented in the game.

Wild Rift Sona Rework abilities

Here is an early look at the reworked abilities of Sona in Wild Rift;

Passive: Power Chord

  • After casting three basic attacks, her next attack is empowered to deal additional magic damage and stun the target for 0.5 seconds. 

  • Casting a basic ability grants a non-stacking buff aura for three seconds and reduces the basic ability cooldowns by 2% - 30%, based on level.

  • Casting a basic ability places other basic abilities on cooldown for 0.54 seconds.

Ultimate: Crescendo

  • Passive: After casting an ability, her aura is empowered to grant stronger buffs for 20 seconds.

  • Active: Sona plays a chord that emits a soundwave every 0.75 seconds as it travels to the target location. The soundwave deals magic damage and stuns enemies hit for the first time for 1 second. Enemies caught inside the chord are also slowed.

Only the Passive and Ability shall be changed for the Wild Rift Sona rework. A visual effects update will also be implemented with her new abilities.

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