Wild Rift Patch 3.4 Notes: New Events, Game Mode, and Two New Champions Released


Wild Rift Patch 3.4 Notes: New Events, Game Mode, and Two New Champions Released

John Dave Rossel
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The Wild Rift Patch 3.4 update has been released featuring two new champions and a plethora of exciting new content.
A new game mode has been added as well as a new set of Wild Pass rewards.
More content will be released as Riot Games had previously announced an anniversary event which shall arrive sometime in October.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Patch 3.4 update has officially arrived. The update will introduce two new champions within the month of September. A new game mode will also be released for a limited time starting on 16th September. A new set of Wild Pass rewards have also been added featuring a new superhero-themed exclusive skin for the champion Jayce. A plethora of quality-of-life updates will also be implemented along with new events to look forward to. A few champion and gameplay changes have also been revealed in the Wild Rift Patch 3.4 update featuring new items to add more options for support players.

New Champions

Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress

Gwen will be released on 15th September at 12:01 AM (UTC).

Gewn Champion Preview

Yone, the Unforgotten

Yone will be released on 22nd September at 12:01 AM (UTC).

Yone Champion Preview

New Features

Champion Score

Players will now earn mastery points for each role they play:

  • There are five different tiers for each role.

  • Each tier will have a different color icon.

  • The score will be displayed on the player’s profile page.

  • Hovering over it on a player profile will also show their top three champions in that role.

  • Players will be able to share their role scores with their teammates in lobbies!

Guild vs Guild (GvG) Update

New features have been added to the GvG system;

  • While GvG will be gone, guilds will continue to be in the game.

  • Trophy Track will remain, with some of the same goodies from before as well as some new ones.

  • Trophy Track and missions are now simplified so players can hop into a game with their friends and earn rewards while doing it.

  • Guild and the Trophy Track will still have seasons and a theme.

  • Before GvG ends, a small event will be held to celebrate everyone who participated and provided feedback to the developers.

  • From 16th September to 1st October, guildmates can earn a one-time reward.

  • If a player is not in a guild right now, as long as they join one before October 1 they will be eligible to receive the rewards as well.

Season 4 of GvG will kick off on 16th September at 12:01 AM (UTC).

Quality of Life Updates

Ping System

A new optional system will be implemented as well as new assist icons for kill banners to help players recognise who contributed to the fight.

Loadout System Updates

Players will now be granted more slots for items when building their custom loadouts. In-game, players will be able to view their loadout in the shop and see the order that they placed the items. They will also be able to change out any of the items in their loadout when needed

Wild Pass Rewards

A new set of Wild Pass rewards will be added to the game featuring the Superhero Jayce. An Ascended version will also be made available in the Wild Pass Emporium.

  • The “Bonus Rewards” section is now the “Wild Pass Emporium.”

  • Players will no longer progress linearly from levels 51 through 75, but instead, there will be an exchange where players can claim rewards in any order they like.

  • Wild Pass Skin Augments are now here and will be granted if players claim enough rewards in the Emporium.

  • A simple set of repeatable missions for playing matches has been added.

  • There will be a cap and reset each week, that will give players steady momentum for just logging in and playing games.

  • Elite Pass purchasers will receive Seasonal Missions so players can obtain all the rewards they want in the new Emporium!

  • Purchasing the Elite Pass will also now grant a new Role Choice Skin Chest at level 1.

  • Instead of getting any random skin, players can narrow down the choices to just one lane role—Solo, mid, jungle, duo, or support!

Superhero Jayce Skin Preview

Game Modes


For a limited time, players can queue up for the new game mode featuring a 1v1 match against random players on the Howling Abyss map. A few rules will be implemented in the new game mode.

The winner will be decided through these conditions:

  • Kill the enemy champion 2 times before the shrinking circle appears.

  • Kill the enemy champion 1 time after the shrinking circle appears.

  • Destroy the first enemy turret.

There will be a shrinking circle that will spawn when the game takes too long to finish:

  • Spawns 8 minutes into the game

  • The initial radius of the shrinking circle will cover the whole map. It will wait 30 seconds, then will begin shrinking.

  • The circle will complete shrinking at 9 minutes and 30 seconds and the final radius is 5 meters.

  • There will be continuous damage if you’re outside of the circle.

  • Once the shrinking circle appears, the next death by a champion will end the game for the killer’s victory.

The battlefield has also been adjusted to add more of a challenge:

  • All champions are unlocked on the Howling Abyss

  • Omnivamp is reduced by 50% against minions

  • Recalling to the fountain will allow you to purchase items

  • Each player will start with 500g

  • Gold and experience generation is increased

Duel will be available from 16th September at 12:01 AM (UTC) until 19th September at 11:59 PM (UTC).

ARAM Changes

Players will now be able to purchase more rerolls after using their free ones using Poro Energy;

  • The free re-rolls still recharge as they always have and you store up to two ARAM rerolls like always.

  • After you use up all your free rerolls, you’ll be offered the option to purchase extra rerolls with Poro Energy.

  • You cannot use more than 2 rerolls (including free and extra) per game, and you have to use the free ones first.

  • That means: If you entered the lobby with 2 free rerolls, you cannot purchase more for that game.

  • Extra purchases of rerolls are limited to 3 per day.

  • They reset each day.

  • The first reroll you will purchase will cost 50 Poro Energy, the second 100 Poro Energy, and the third 200 Poro Energy.

  • You cannot store up extra rerolls.

  • Extra rerolls are just the same as free rerolls: rerolled champions are still pickable by allies.

The ARAM titles have also been updated;

  • ARAM Brawler

  • ARAM Warrior

  • ARAM Elite

  • ARAM Royalty

  • ARAM Legend

A lot of exciting new content has been released in the first phase of the Wild Rift Patch 3.4 update. However, the surprises do not stop there as Riot Games previously announced an Anniversary Event coming sometime in October.

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