Wild Rift Patch 3.2 Preview: New Champions and Free Skin Event Revealed


Wild Rift Patch 3.2 Preview: New Champions and Free Skin Event Revealed

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The upcoming Wild Rift Patch 3.2 update will be released on 12th May.
Riot Games have revealed a patch preview for the upcoming update, featuring three new champions; Nautilus, Pyke, and Ekko.
A new event has also been revealed that rewards players with a free skin.

The highly anticipated League of Legends (LoL): Wild Rift patch 3.2 preview has finally arrived, revealing a ton of new content for players to look forward to. The upcoming patch cycle, titled “Time and Tide,” will release three champions; Nautilus, Ekko, and Pyke along with a ton of new runes to shake up the meta. The Elemental Rift map update will also be receiving a few tweaks for the Dragon spawn rates. The next set of rewards for the Wild Rift Season 7 Wild Pass has also been revealed. A new event will also be released within the Wild Rift patch 3.2 cycle that will allow players to unlock free skins.

When is the Wild Rift Patch 3.2 release date?

The upcoming update will be released on 12th May. Until then, players can still progress through the current Wild Pass to gain rewards and claim them before the patch update arrives.

New Champions

Three new champions will soon debut in Wild Rift. However, the exact release date is yet to be revealed.

Nautilus is heavy tank support that can stun enemies with his basic attacks every few hits. He also has a wide arsenal of crowd control abilities to hook and pin down enemies.

Nautilus Champion Preview

Pyke is a hybrid support-assassin champion that can hook enemies. His max health does not increase through items. All bonus health gained from items will be converted to bonus attack damage. Pyke can also share the gold bounty with allies who assist him in taking down enemies.

Pyke Champion Preview

Ekko is an assassin who can easily chase down opponents by using his wide arsenal of crowd control effects. His ultimate skill will send him back in time a few seconds and teleport him to his previous location, allowing him to also regain health, and cast an explosion upon arrival to damage enemies in the area.

Ekko Champion Preview

Elemental Rift Update

One of the biggest updates in the game will be receiving a slight tweak with regards to when the Dragons spawn, especially the Elder Drake. More details will be revealed at a later date.

Remake System and Leaver Penalty Improvements

One of the most requested features in Wild Rift will finally be implemented soon. The Remake System will make sure players will have the option to end the game without a penalty if someone on the team goes AFK in the early stages.

Only the player who leaves or goes AFK will receive a loss while the rest of the players will not be penalized and it shall be so as if the match never happened.

New Remake System Preview

Players who leave the game in between matches will also receive severe penalties while the rest will either receive more Ranked Fortitude or lose fewer Victory Points (VP).

New Runes


  • Lethal Tempo - Increase a champion’s attack speed when in combat and after a few attacks or abilities hit, gain more attack speed.

  • Kraken Slayer - Deliver True Damage to enemies every three attacks.

Minor Runes


  • Giant Slayer - Increases damage based on the target’s bonus health.

  • Scorch - Deal burning damage to enemies hit by attacks.


  • Nullifying Orb - Provides a shield to champions who drop to low health.

  • Ultimate Shield - After casting an ability, gain a shield.


  • Nimbus Cloak - Provides bonus movement speed after casting a Summoner Spell

  • Demolish - Charge an attack while near a turret that deals extra damage to the turret.

Season 7 Wild Pass Rewards

The next set of Wild Pass rewards will feature the exclusive Dream Raider Nasus skin. More details regarding the full rewards of the next season will be revealed at a later date.

Dream Raider Nasus Skin Preview

New Wild Rift Event with free skins

The upcoming Cosmic event will allow players to acquire a random skin after completing tasks. More details regarding the event will be revealed at a later date.

Cosmic Event Preview

New Skins

  • Cosmic Blade Master Yi

  • Cosmic Enchantress Lulu

  • Astronautilus

  • Sand Wraith Pyke

  • Resistance Katarina

  • Resistance Miss Fortune

  • Majestic Empress Morgana

  • Forsaken Jayce

  • Dawnbringer Riven

  • Nightbringer Yasuo

  • Pulsefire Lucian

  • Pulsefire Pantheon

  • Pulsefire Shen

  • High Noon Irelia

  • High Noon Thresh

  • High Noon Ashe

There are a lot of new things to get excited about in the upcoming Wild Rift Patch 3.2. Fans can expect more content to be revealed at a later date.

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