Wild Rift Leaks Unveils Three New Champions Arriving on 2024


Wild Rift Leaks Unveil Three New Champions Arriving in 2024

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Three new champions may be added to Wild Rift in 2024, according to leaks.
The three leaked champions are Quinn, Rumble, Nidalee.
Riot Games is yet to confirm the release of the leaked champions in Wild Rift.

Three new champions may be arriving soon in League of Legends: Wild Rift, according to data miners. The leaks were found within the game files where new voice lines were uncovered, hinting at which heroes may arrive soon in the game. Riot Games is yet to officially unveil details for new Wild Rift champions arriving in the year 2024. However, considering these voice lines are already within the game files, these champions may be arriving soon. 

The Wild Rift patch 4.4 update is set to add three champions - Fiddlesticks, Sivir, and Zyra throughout the patch cycle which may last until late December 2023.

New champions leaked for Wild Rift 2024 update

According to a video from ChowZ, three new voice lines have been added to the game files which may hint at the upcoming champions after the Wild Rift 4.4 patch cycle. Based on the voice lines, the upcoming champions may be Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee.

These voice-overs are in Chinese and are speculated to be voices used during the champion selection phase. For now, only the three voiceovers have been unveiled by leakers.

Quinn is a marksman but has shown to be quite flexible and can be played in multiple roles like Jungle and Top Lane. Her ability to kite down opponents and win 1v1 skirmishes makes her quite a formidable opponent in almost any lane. 

New champions leaked for Wild Rift 2024 update

Rumble is one of the most fun champions to play in League of Legends PC. Aside from his wide range of AoE (Area of Effect) damage and crowd control effects, he also has a decent sustain in his abilities. This makes him a good champion to use in either the Baron Lane or the Jungle.

New champions leaked for Wild Rift 2024 update

Nidalee is one of the most beloved champions. Her ability to shapeshift and change abilities makes her quite unpredictable. Her Javelin Toss skill shot is also one of the most satisfying abilities to land especially if you can one-shot opponents from afar.

New champions leaked for Wild Rift 2024 update

Players should keep in mind that Riot Games is yet to officially confirm the release of Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee in Wild Rift. The most recently announced champion to arrive in the game was Fiddlesticks which was added on 25th October 2023. 

Most champions also received slight tweaks to their ability to fit the touch controls of Wild Rift in the game. It will be interesting to see how Riot Games will enhance the gameplay experience for these champions to make them playable on mobile devices.

More details such as the potential release dates and gameplay of the upcoming Wild Rift champions Quinn, Rumble, and Nidalee will be posted when they are made available. For now, players will have to keep their eyes peeled for more details regarding the upcoming leaked champions.

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