Wild Rift China Introduces Judge Mode To Monitor and Punish Toxic Behavior


Wild Rift China Introduces Judge Mode to Monitor and Punish Toxic Behavior

John Dave Rossel
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Wild Rift China adds a feature called Judge Mode as a means to combat unsportsmanlike behavior.
The feature allows a selected number of players, known as "inspectors", to review replays where a player has been reported.
The inspectors will then cast a vote if the reported player needs to be punished or not.

The League of Legends: Wild Rift Chinese server has introduced a new way to combat toxicity in the game through a new feature called Judge Mode. This mode allows a few selected players to become inspectors and replay videos of matches where a player was reported for unsportsmanlike behavior. Based on the judgment of the inspectors, the reported player may be punished if the toxic behavior is confirmed. This feature has been made available only on the Chinese version of Wild Rift and only for a limited number of players. Riot Games is yet to confirm if this feature shall be added to the global version of the mobile MOBA title.

Wild Rift Judge Mode is currently under development

Player toxicity is one of the most common problems that players face in Wild Rift. While Riot Games is trying various tactics to combat this issue, nothing has completely filtered out the players who intentionally troll games or go AFK (Away From Keyboard).

One of Riot Games’ latest features to combat unsportsmanlike behavior is the Judge Mode. This is currently only available on the Wild Rift China server and is being tested by a selected number of players.

According to dataminer ChowZ, the Judge Mode allows players to become inspectors and spectate games where a player is reportedly showing toxicity. For now, only a small amount of players have been granted permission to become inspectors.

Inspectors shall then decide if the reported player is indeed showing signs of malicious behavior. The verdict of whether a player should be punished or not shall be based on the accumulated votes of the inspectors.

Inspectors are given a lot of information about the player in question such as current rank, match KDA (Kills, Deaths, and Assists), teamfight participation percentage, queue type (solo or party), champion mastery, and the number of reports received. However, inspectors can’t review the chat logs of the reported player for privacy reasons.

This feature is strikingly similar to the now defunct Tribunal System in League of Legends (LoL) PC which debuted in 2011. This feature assigned various players to a case to review and judge the reported player. Members of the Tribunal System were granted information ranging from report details down to the player’s chat logs. However, this system was completely disabled in 2014 and has been replaced by new systems to combat toxic behavior.

The Judge Mode may come in handy as the community will get the power to judge players who show toxicity in matches. It shall be most interesting to see if this new system gets released on the Global servers of Wild Rift soon.

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