Wild Circuit Brasil Announced as an Off-Season Event for Wild Rift Esports

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Wild Circuit Brasil Announced as an Off-Season Event for Wild Rift Esports</p></div>
Wild Circuit Brasil Announced as an Off-Season Event for Wild Rift Esports


Riot Games announced Wild Circuit Brasil featuring a $20k USD prize pool.
The tournament shall serve as an off-season event while waiting for the official second season for Wild Rift esports.
The tournament shall be an online event with the grand finals being held at a physical location.

Wild Circuit Brasil has been officially announced and shall serve as an off-season event for League of Legends: Wild Rift. The tournament shall feature open qualifiers leading to the main event where the top-eight teams shall vie for the lion’s share of the $20k USD prize pool. The Wild Circuit Brasil is said to be held at a physical location at Riot Games Studio in Brazil (BR). However, the exact venue and tournament schedule are yet to be revealed. This is just one aspect of Riot Games’ plans for expanding the Wild Rift esports scene, as stated during the live media conference hosted before the Icons Global Championship 2022 grand finale.

Wild Circuit Brasil details

Riot Games’ promise of delivering more competitive events for Wild Rift fans has slowly been revealed. According to its official blog post, Wild Circuit Brasil shall be held after the conclusion of this year’s world series event.

The tournament shall be hosted in partnership with Gamers Club, the event organizers. Kicking off later in July, the esports event shall feature three open qualifiers which shall last until the month of October. The top two teams shall settle the score at a physical location at Riot Games studios in Brazil for the lion’s share of the R$ 110k Brazillian Real ($20k USD).

Matches shall be played online with the grand finals being an offline event.

Tournament Format and Schedule


A total of 128 slots shall be made available for each open qualifier. All series shall be played in a Bo3 (Best of Three) format with the exception of the final match which will be played in a Bo5 series.

Wild Circuit Brasil Qualifiers Points Allocation

The top 16 teams for each qualifier shall earn Circuit points and the top 8 teams with the most points shall proceed to the next stage. Qualified teams will be divided into two groups of four teams each where they will fight in their respective groups in a Bo1 series. The top three teams from each group shall proceed to the playoffs.

The tournament schedule for the Wild Circuit Brasil open qualifiers is as follows;

  • Open Qualifier #1: 20th-24th July

  • Open Qualifier #2: 10th-14th August

  • Open Qualifier #3: 17th-21st August


Matches shall be played in a Double Elimination format. The first-place teams from the previous stage are granted a ticket to the next round while the rest shall compete for a chance to proceed to the next round. The second place in one group plays against the third in the other - and vice versa.

Wild Circuit Brasil Playoffs Bracket

Where to watch the Wild Circuit Brasil tournament

Fans can tune in to the action by heading to the following official broadcast channels;

Wild Rift Esports Brasil

Gamers Club

Riot Games specifically stated that the Wild Circuit Brasil is not the “second stage” of the Wild Tour BR. The upcoming tournament shall serve as one of the many initiatives to spice up the competition for Wild Rift and to keep fans entertained through high-quality esports content.

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