Warzone Mobile Players Spot a Major Bug That May Ruin It's Launch


Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile Players Spot a Major Bug That May Ruin It's Launch

Ahsan Kabir
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Warzone Mobile's latest mini-update fails to fix persistent issues, introduces new bugs instead.

Warzone Mobile, the highly anticipated battle royale game, has received another mini-update, but it fails to address some of the existing issues players have been facing. One lingering bug causes the frame rate to plummet to around 45-47 FPS when players pick up assault rifles like the M16, M4, or Holger on Android devices, despite having higher FPS caps set in the graphics settings. Switching to another gun temporarily restores the frame rate, but the problem persists with assault rifles.

FPS Bugs while Using ARs Reported by Warzone Mobile Play testers

According to youtuber & playtest participant - ShubhGamerz, this mini-update did not fix the assault rifle FPS drop issue, and it has even introduced new bugs into the game, further deteriorating the overall experience. With only 9 days left until the global launch, such performance issues and lack of optimization are concerning.

Players are hoping for a fix in upcoming restricted playtest

However, there is a glimmer of hope, as the developers have hinted at an upcoming graphics settings update this week. This update could potentially unlock higher resolutions and maximum graphics settings, especially for flagship devices like the iPhone 14 Pro Max series. While there is no confirmation yet on whether this update will extend to Android flagships like those with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, players are eagerly awaiting improvements. The developers have also prohibited creators from sharing any gameplay footage from the upcoming update which imply that the upcoming update might contain some major changes before global launchh.

As the battle royale genre continues to gain popularity on mobile platforms, it is crucial for developers to address performance issues and ensure a smooth gaming experience across a wide range of devices. Warzone Mobile's success may hinge on its ability to deliver a consistent and enjoyable experience for players on both Android and iOS platforms.

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