Valorant Mobile Clone Hyper Front Is Coming Back As Operation Apocalypse


Valorant Mobile Clone Hyper Front is Coming Back as Operation Apocalypse

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Hyper Front makes a comeback with revamped graphics, visuals, and even a new name.
NetEase's relaunch seeks to fill mobile hero shooter gap amid Valorant Mobile's unclear future.
Rebranding seen as strategic move to gain advantage over Valorant Mobile's prolonged delays.

The once popular mobile game Hyper Front is set to make a comeback in the market with a revamped version featuring improved graphics and better visuals. The game is being relaunched under a new name - Operation Apocalypse. While the launch date or beta release timeline is still uncertain, fans can register for the game using their Chinese mobile numbers. Once the game hits the market, players can expect an enhanced Hyper Front experience with upgraded graphics and visuals.

What is Hyper Front and Why is it Returning as Operation Apocalypse?

For those unfamiliar with Hyper Front, it is a character-based tactical first-person shooter game that gained popularity, especially in Southeast Asia. Even though it was a direct clone of Valorant on a mobile device, the game's previous version was well-received for its polished gameplay and impressive visuals.

While concrete details about Hyper Front's re-entry into the mobile FPS space remained sparse, many speculated that the lingering uncertainty surrounding Valorant Mobile's eventual launch may have provided an opportune window for Hyper Front's comeback to gain traction.

Operation Apocalypse Trailer by Netease

Operation Apocalypse trailer

Recognizing the void that still exists in the mobile hero shooter market, the rebranding effort appears to be a calculated move within NetEase's overarching strategy for repositioning Hyper Front's re-launch to capitalize on this unfulfilled demand.

Why Was Hyper Front Shut Down?

On 10th April 2024, NetEase, the developer of Hyper Front, shut down the game's servers and deleted all player account data stating security reasons. This came after Riot Games sued NetEase, alleging that Hyper Front had copied their game Valorant. Riot's lawyer claimed NetEase mirrored Valorant's creative choices despite minor visual changes. The lawsuit was filed around the announcement of the upcoming Valorant Mobile. NetEase thanked the community for their support but did not reveal the reason for their closure.

Hyper Front's Return Fuels Uncertainty Around Valorant Mobile's Launch

The return of Hyper Front to the market is an exciting development for fans of the genre, as it promises to deliver a fresh and improved gaming experience. However, it remains to be seen whether the game will be a global release or limited to certain regions because of its troubled history with a global gaming giant.

Despite the excitement surrounding Hyper Front's comeback, the future of Valorant Mobile, a highly anticipated mobile port of the popular PC game, remained uncertain with no substantial updates or official announcements regarding the project's progress from Riot's side.

The resurgence of Hyper Front offers gamers an alternative option to explore the tactical shooter genre on mobile devices. As the developers continue to refine the game and share more details, fans eagerly await the opportunity to experience the revamped version of this beloved title.

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