V33Wise Responds to MPL Casters Claiming ID is not Being Carried by PH Players



V33wise Comments on MPL Casters Claiming Filipinos Are Not Carrying ID Teams

John Dave Rossel
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Shoutcasters during the MPL ID Season 12 playoffs claimed that Indonesia is not being carried by Filipinos and showed various statistics from its top Indonesian players to prove it.
Through a podcast, the V33Wise duo shared their thoughts on the topic, challenging Indonesian teams to win international tournaments without a Filipino import.
According to OhMyV33NUS, Indonesian teams with Filipino imports were able to improve because they were able to adapt a winning culture from Filipino players.

Blacklist International's renowned duo, comprised of Jonmar "OhMyV33NUS" Villaluna and Danerie "Wise" Rosario, known as the V33Wise duo, recently expressed their opinions on a statement made by Indonesian shoutcasters regarding foreign teams relying on Filipino players. This debate emerged during the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 12 Playoffs when the shoutcasters argued that local teams weren't dependent on Filipino players.

In response, the V33Wise duo addressed this matter in one of their podcasts, issuing a challenge to Indonesian teams to prove their prowess and secure victories without Filipino imports before making such claims.

OhMyV33NUS challenges Indo teams to win international tournaments without Filipino imports

Through a podcast on 17th October 2023, the topic regarding whether Indonesian (ID) teams are being carried by their Filipino imports was brought up once again. This is following a segment in the MPL ID Season 12 playoffs stage where it shared player statistics and achievements while the casters argued that Indonesian teams are not being carried by Filipinos.

During the podcast, the V33Wise duo shared their thoughts on the statement made by the shoutcasters with Wise saying that during the grand finals “both teams have Filipino players while some teams who did not reach Grand Finals have no Filipino imports.”

OhMyV33NUS also shared that stats alone won’t be enough as evidence as Filipino players are not a huge factor for ID teams' resurgence. 

“They did show some stats of their players to prove that Indo is not being carried by Filipinos but that part is a bit awkward for me. Because you don’t have to defend yourself like ‘here are the stats to prove that we’re not carried by a Filipino’,” she explained.

OhMyV33NUS added that “even if you show some stats, it doesn’t matter because you have Filipino players. It could be possible that Indo players got those stats because they are being carried by Filipino players, right?”

According to her, the only way that Indonesian teams can prove themselves is to compete in international tournaments without Filipino imports.

“For me, the best way and the only way to prove they are not being carried by Filipinos is to be a champion in international tournaments without Filipinos,” said OhMyV33NUS.

“No matter what they say or show some statistics and analytics or whatever, as long as there is at least one Filipino on the team and there’s even a coach, it means nothing, it’s disregarded,” she added.

Wise echoed OhMyV33NUS’ statement, saying that ID teams may not have the opportunity to prove themselves this year as two of their representatives for the M5 World Championship have Filipino imports.

“The case is, Indo, you can’t prove it because both teams [in M5] have Filipino,” he said.

ONIC Esports, the crowned champion of MPL ID Season 12, has Filipino imports Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol as its Jungler and Paul "Yeb" Miranda as the coach. The runner-up team, Geek Fam ID, has Allen "Baloyskie" Baloy as its Roamer and Mark "Markyyyyy" Capacio as the Gold Laner.

“To be honest, the reason why teams with Filipino imports have improved so much is because they were able to adapt to the culture of a winning PH team, right?” said OhMyV33NUS.

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