TSM India's Pro BGMI Players and Coach Rate Indian Assaulters in New Video Series

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>TSM India Evaluates Its Players and Five More Indian BGMI Assaulters</p></div>

TSM India Evaluates Its Players and Five More Indian BGMI Assaulters


TSM India’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players, NinjaJOD, Blaze, AquaNox, and coach Mayavi recently rated six Indian BGMI assaulters.
The six assaulters included the following players: Jokerr, ScreaM, Goblin, Aditya, and Scout.
Furthermore, the players, along with Mayavi, also evaluated themselves.

TSM India recently released the second part of the video, where its professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players, Shubham “NinjaJOD” Ranjan Sahoo, Hamza “Blaze” Khozema Hyderabadwala, Harsh “AquaNox” Rao, and coach Shubham “Mayavi” Chawla, rated Indian BGMI assaulters. In the first part of the video, the team rated six assaulters, including GodLIke Esports’ star player Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral. In the second part of the video, the team rated five more assaulters, as well as themselves.

An assaulter is generally the one who rushes the opponent and stays on the front line and is the one who usually comes in first contact with the opponent team. Assaulters need to have incredible aim, hip-fire, as well as Aim Down Sight (ADS) and should be confident in close-range encounters. It is a crucial and decisive role, and the team’s victory more or less depends on their performance.

TSM India’s BGMI team places Goblin and Scout in S-Tier 

TSM India’s NinjaJOD, Blaze, Aquanox, and Mayavi recently conducted a rating assessment of BGMI assaulters in the country. The players evaluated the assaulters on a scale ranging from S to C, with S being the highest level, followed by A, B, and C being the lowest. Following were the evaluations and ratings:

Khush “Jokerr” Singh - Global Esports

NinjaJOD - B

NinjaJOD evaluated Jokerr and placed him in B Tier. According to NinjaJOD, Jokerr is a great assaulter and performs well when clutching. However, he tends to panic at times, which can negatively impact his performance. Despite this, NinjaJOD believes that Jokerr has great spray control and has the potential to become the best if he works on his panic. 

Blaze - C

Blaze placed Jokerr in C Tier as he believed he is young blood and has yet to mature in terms of game sense. While Jokerr’s assault is next level, his game sense is not quite there yet. He later praised Jokerr’s sprays, car tracing, and overall abilities, stating that they are really great. However, Blaze also noted that Jokerr’s close-range gameplay is weak. 

AquaNox - B

AquaNox placed Jokerr in B Tier as he feels that Jokerr’s young age is a factor in his gameplay and believes that he has the potential to improve in the future. According to AquaNox, Jokerr needs to learn to handle pressure to become a very good player. Despite this, AquaNox appreciated Jokerr’s sprays and stated that he enjoys watching his montages. 

Mayavi- B

Mayavi also weighed in on Jokerr’s skills, stating he would also place him in B Tier. Mayavi cited similar reasons as the other players, such as Jokerr’s lack of experience and his weakness in close-range gameplay.

Khush “Jokerr” Singh

ScreaM - Big Brother Esports

NinjaJOD - B

NinjaJOD placed ScreaM in B Tier, explaining that he doesn’t know him personally and has only seen him play in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS). Despite this, NinjaJOD noted that ScreaM’s assaulting skills are really impressive, and he even managed to defeat NinjaJOD once, which made him feel scared.

Blaze - B

Blaze placed ScreaM in B Tier. According to Blaze, ScreaM’s assaulting skills and overall gameplay are perfect, but he was not able to outshine, which might be due to his team’s lack of cohesion, or there might be other reasons for ScreaM’s lack of success. He added that ScreaM could potentially play well in the future if some changes are made. 

AquaNox - B

AquaNox also placed ScreaM in B Tier. According to AquaNox, although ScreaM has performed well in the tournaments that he has played, AquaNox has not seen him deliver any outstanding performances or clutch moments. However, AquaNox believed that ScreaM has the potential to become one of the best players in the future. 

Mayavi - B

Mayavi agreed with the players and placed ScreaM in B Tier. Mayavi believed that ScreaM stood out in BMPS. He added that he remembers ScreaM’s statement in an interview during BMPS, where he said he was playing the tournament to become a top fragger. While he didn’t achieve this goal, he was still in the competition until the last day of the tournament and finished in the top 5.


Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal - Team SouL

NinjaJOD - S

NinjaJOD placed Goblin in S Tier for his hard work and dedication to the game. He stated that he had been watching Goblin since he was on Team iNSANE. He added how he witnessed Goblin overcome initial criticism after joining Team SouL to then go on to become a valuable player on his team. NinjaJOD admired Goblin’s confidence and appreciated how he backed up his bold statements with his gameplay. 

Blaze - S

Blaze placed Goblin in S Tier. When he was in STE and Goblin was in CLAW, he recalled Goblin asking him to let him join his team. However, he rejected him because they didn’t know who he was. Goblin then joined Team iNSANE, followed by Team SouL, where he eventually became a top player and remained consistent. 

AquaNox - S

AquaNox also placed Goblin in S Tier like his teammates. AquaNox stated that Goblin is one of the best players currently in the BGMI competition. He explained that Goblin’s performance throughout his career with various teams, including CLAW, Team iNSANE, and Team SouL, is evidence of his skill and abilities. According to AquaNox, there is currently no competition for Goblin, despite the efforts of others to challenge him. However, AquaNox did note that Goblin’s experience is somewhat tempered by his impatience. 

Mayavi - S

Mayavi acknowledged that while NinjaJOD and Blaze praised Goblin, AquaNox noted that he could be impatient, and Mayavi agrees with this assessment to some extent. Based on discussions with Team SouL’s in-game leader (GL) Sahil “Omega” Jakhar, Mayavi believed there is still significant room for Goblin to improve and polish his skills even further. Mayavi stated that he believes Goblin has the potential to surpass the S tier and become an even greater player in the competitive gaming scene.

Harsh “Goblin” Paudwal

Aditya “Aditya” Mathe - OREsports

NinjaJOD- A

According to NinjaJOD, Aditya deserved to be placed in A Tier because he is his favorite person and is among his favorite players. He later recalled a clutch play where Aditya accumulated around 10 kills while playing for TeamXSpark (Tx). In this play, Aditya was the last remaining player on his team and won the match solo, which NinjaJOD describes as “very epic.” NinjaJOD stated that he has been following Aditya’s gameplay since his time in his first esports team - Initiative Esports (iE). He added that he tries to learn from his favorites, and he learned how to clutch without panicking and staying in the same place from Aditya.

Blaze - A

Blaze recalled his experience playing in his first official tournament, PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split 2020: India, and noted that Aditya stood out as a top fragger during that event. From then, Blaze recognized Aditya’s impressive skills as a player. Blaze acknowledged that Aditya has been performing well but noted that he would be placed in S Tier only when he consistently becomes the top fragger. 

AquaNox - S

AquaNox placed Aditya in S Tier. According to AquaNox, Aditya is one of the best assaulters, performs well in all situations, and is fearless. AquaNox believes that Aditya can manage any situation and perform any role given to him. AquaNox recalled a Sanhok clutch where Aditya won a 1v4 fight, which was “crazy,” and he liked it. 

Mayavi - S

Mayavi agreed with AquaNox’s decision to put Aditya in S Tier. Mayavi stated that very few players in the community could play for any team and provide balance, and Aditya is one of them. Even if Aditya himself can’t perform well, he knows how to make his team perform better. Mayavi expressed his belief that this is a very important quality for a player, and Aditya possesses it.

Aditya “Aditya” Mathe

Tanmay “Scout” Singh - TeamXSpark

NinjaJOD - S

According to NinjajOD, it is obvious that Scout deserved an S rating, and he believed that there might not be any player who would not give Scout the same rating. Scout is not only NinjajOD’s idol, but he also considers him a legendary player who has taught him a lot since the beginning, including gyroscope, 6x sprays, and performing well in international tournaments. In particular, NinjajOD was impressed with Scout’s performance in the Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019, where he secured 11 kills. Despite many attempts, NinjaJOD noted that no one has been able to attain Scout’s skill level, and he admires him greatly for it.

Blaze - S 

According to Blaze, Scout is not only an exceptional player but also a mature and balanced individual who easily juggles multiple responsibilities. Blaze praised Scout’s impressive performance at the beginning of his career and his significant contributions to esports. He also highlighted the difficulty of balancing esports, brand partnerships, and other commitments and commended Scout for handling everything maturely and professionally.

AquaNox - S

AquaNox placed Scout in S Tier and spoke about Scout’s impact on his own journey in competitive gaming, highlighting how Scout’s aggressive play style inspired him to play esports. He believed that Scout was still an inspiration for youngsters and had always inspired younger players. AquaNox also noted that Scout played very well in the PEC tournament, securing 11 kills under pressure on a big stage, which is an impressive feat. AquaNox praised Scout’s efforts in helping others improve, noting that the spray practice and training drills he uploaded on YouTube have helped many people, including AquaNox himself. 

Mayavi - S

Mayavi recently evaluated Scout’s assaulting skills and placed him in A Tier while acknowledging that most people would place him in S Tier. Mayavi agreed with Blaze that Scout has done a great job in handling brands and including himself in esports and has also secured 11 kills on the international level. However, Mayavi believed that the current form should be considered when rating players, and in his opinion, Scout could have done better in all tournaments in 2022. Mayavi also thought that Scout himself might not disagree with this assessment.

Tanmay “Scout” Singh

TSM India’s players evaluate themselves

NinjaJOD placed himself in C Tier as he believed he overcommits in fights sometimes. Responding to this, Blaze stated that if NinjaJOD is in C Tier, he should be in D, E, or even F. Lastly, AquaNox placed himself in C Tier because he tends to lose focus after a certain amount of time, causing him to make mistakes and choke in a few matches. He added that he feels bad when his team loses matches and assured everyone that it wouldn’t happen again as he will try to focus more.

Mayavi also evaluated NinjaJOD, Blaze, and AquaNox, sharing his thoughts on their current form and potential. He acknowledged that he joined the team amid the unavailability of the game, and therefore his evaluation may be limited. Despite this limitation, Mayavi placed NinjaJOD in the S tier, stating that he is one of the best players on the team. He placed Blaze and AquaNox both in A Tier.

Lastly, Mayavi acknowledged that the players are struggling but expressed confidence that they will get back on track once the game returns. He believed that they have the potential to become players above the S tier, as they have a track record of winning and will continue to do so

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