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TSM and GodLike’s Controversy: A Timeline of Events

Abhimannu Das
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TSM is looking to take official action against GodLike over the ongoing controversy surrounding SHADOW.
TSM claims that Krafton has been unresponsive about the situation since one week.
SHADOW has claimed that TSM harassed, abused and exploited him.

With NODWIN Gaming’s Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Masters on the horizon, a controversy shook the esports community in India. GodLike Esports, a team that is supposed to participate in the upcoming event, has allegedly listed Team Solo Mid (TSM)'s in-game leader (IGL) Arjun "SHADOW" Mandhalkar as one of its players. TSM has called out the move by GodLike and accused the organization of poaching one of its key players. Here is a full timeline of events that took place.

July 2021 - Arjun "SHADOW" Mandhalkar Joins TSM

SHADOW joined TSM last year in July and he quickly earned recognition as one of the best IGLs in the BGMI competitive scene. He helped his team win multiple events including the Skyesports Mobile Open and the NODWIN x Loco All Stars Invitational. He also helped TSM secure second place at the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021 event.

Early June 2022 - SHADOW Gets Benched by TSM

Rumors of SHADOW leaving TSM started surfacing in the first week of June. This was not officially revealed by TSM. He revealed in a livestream on 13th June that TSM was making changes to the team and benched him to explore different lineups of players. He also revealed that TSM asked him to explore options in other organizations.

18th June 2022 - GodLike Teases SHADOW’s Arrival

On 18th June, GodLike posted a teaser on its Instagram handle indicating that a new player named “GodLikeTryout” is joining the team with a silhouette bearing resemblance to SHADOW.

Later, it was confirmed by SHADOW himself that he had joined the organization.

18th June 2022 - TSM FTX India Calls Out Indian Organizations for Not Respecting Contracts

TSM revealed on Instagram that the current situation occurred because, “other organizations do not wish to do a loan and/or transfer agreement as a professional organization would.” The organization called the move by GodLike “unprofessional” and said that it will be ensuring business is done properly.

18th June 2022 - SHADOW Claims He Was Harassed at TSM

SHADOW made a post talking about how he wants to sever ties with TSM. He stated that he was exploited, harassed and insulted at TSM. He also said that he had a toxic relationship with his former organization.

18th June 2022 - TSM’s India Lead Nizhum “Armin” Karmakar Clarifies Situation

TSM’s India Lead Nizhum “Armin” Karmakar revealed that TSM talked to Shadow and gave him permission to explore options with the expectation that other organizations would reach out to TSM regarding SHADOW’s transfer.

TSM Armin's Statement

He also clarified that it was communicated to Shadow and GodLike that the organization would loan out the player for free at the start of the upcoming BGMI Masters event.

19th June 2022 - SHADOW Claims His Contract Was Terminated

GodLike didn’t make the signing of SHADOW official until after the controversy started. On 19th June, GodLike made the signing official. Following this, in SHADOW’s livestream he claimed that his contract was terminated on the basis of him sending TSM an email.

He said that TSM gave him two weeks time to find a team and if he could not find a team, the team would let him go. He said that he waited for two weeks and sent the organization an email to terminate the contract. The specifics of the contract have not been disclosed and it is unknown what the terms and conditions are for SHADOW to leave the organization while under contract.

19tth June 2022 - TSM Claims That it Will Take Action

TSM’s Director of Mobile Jeff "SuiJeneris" Chau said that, “Krafton India Esports has not responded for over a week regarding this issue when TSM India reached out.” He said that this harms the entire community: players, fans, and honest organizations who invest in their players and help build up a fun, entertaining, and vibrant competitive ecosystem for BGMI India

Head of Global Social and Community Duncan “DUNC” Cox said that TSM will be taking action and hopes that such incidents will never happen again.

20th June 2022 - GodLike Responds to TSM

GodLike posted a story on Instagram talking about how it does not victimize esports players on social media platforms. It stated, “We do not exploit esports players. We do not indulge in mud-slinging in the community. We do not abuse players.”

TSM has called out GodLike for the breach of SHADOW”s contract and it remains to be seen what action the esports organization takes.

AFK Gaming has reached out to NODWIN Gaming, GodLike Esports, and Krafton for responses regarding the matter. We will be updating this story if and when we get a response.

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