Trooper Abuses BGMI Personalities MortaL, Thug, Scout


Trooper Abuses BGMI Personalities MortaL, Thug, Scout, Hurts Religious Sentiments

Trooper crossed the line with his profane and unacceptable behavior.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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Former IGPL Esports owner and PUBG PC caster, Trooper, hurled disgusting words at BGMI personalities like Mortal, Scout, and Thug.
Trooper also disrespected a YouTube channel, while targeting a particular religion with abuse.
According to a statement by IGPL Esports, Trooper gained unauthorized access to their Instagram account from where he streamed the live session.

An unfortunate incident for the entire BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) community took place yesterday when former IGPL Esports owner and PUBG PC caster, Tarun "Trooper" Sharma, spewed unacceptable profanities against personalities like Naman "Mortal" Mathur, Animesh "Thug" Agarwal, and Tanmay "Scout" Singh, during an Instagram live session.

Trooper had apparently gotten access to the official IGPL Esports Instagram account through which he had gone live. He expressed a lot of hate towards the personalities mentioned above, abused a YouTube channel called 'GameXNews', and also hurt the religious sentiments of viewers.

Since then, the BGMI community has come together to speak out against Trooper while extending support towards those affected. IGPL Esports has also provided multiple statements since the incident.

Trooper hurls profanities at MortaL, Thug, and Scout during Instragram live session

During an Instagram live session, former owner of IGPL Esports, Trooper, (in a seemingly inebriated state), hurled the choicest of vulgar words at Indian BGMI and esports personalities.

After obtaining access to the IGPL Esports Instagram account using inappropriate means (as claimed by the organization), Trooper hurled profanities, some of which were really disgusting, towards Mortal, Thug, and Scout.

He particularly spoke against Mortal, targeting him with a barrage of filthy remarks (in Hindi) while trying to justify that one of the biggest gaming content creators from India had not achieved anything as a professional player.

"You guys will never rule, till the time this guy on your screen [pointing towards himself] is alive, you will never rule. The 'We Will Rule' hashtag is a myth. I will rule, I ruled before your video got viral. Before becoming Mortal, when you were Naman Mathur, I used to rule, I still rule," remarked Trooper amid the profanities.

This was followed by a few words of appreciation for the two current Team SouL BGMI players, Sahil "Omega" Jakhar and Harsh "Goblin" Paudwal, after which Trooper started abusing Scout.

"How do I even abuse Tanmay (Scout)? He turned out to be a kid," said Trooper, before hurling a few more expletives towards him.

He went on to speak about earnings and money, claiming that Aditya "Addy" Arora - Founder of IGPL Esports, earns more than both Mortal and Thug, an amount that Trooper can extort from Thug with just a single call.

During this entire session there was not a single moment where Trooper regretted any of the things that he had spoken about, in fact there was a segment where he took pride in the fact that he had once abused Scout really badly.

When one of the viewers praised Thug for being a pioneer of esports in India, Trooper ended up saying "I will tell you honestly, all that Thug has done in the name of esports in India is content creation. You tell me one such esports athlete whose career has been supported by Thug."

Earlier today, IGPL Esports came forward with a response clarifying that it condemn the actions of Trooper while revealing that he had accessed their Instagram account inappropriately.

Statement against Trooper by IGPL Esports

They reiterated that Trooper had been removed from IGPL Esports in December last year and has not been associated with them ever since, "We are in the process of restoration of Instagram access from him as well."

IGPL Esports also published a warning that Aditya Arora and Pratik Salunkhe were the only two people handling operations and management on behalf of IGPL Esports, any other person claiming to be an owner or representative is a fraud.

Trooper was removed from IGPL Esports in December 2021

Along with the disgusting abuse hurled towards well known BGMI and gaming personalities in India, Trooper also disrespected a YouTube channel which has more than 102,000 subscribers.

However, the most shameful act by him was to abuse and target a particular religion, hurting the sentiments of many people who belong and associate with it.

So far none of the targeted members have spoken against Trooper or mentioned anything related to this incident. The atrocious behaviour displayed by Trooper has received a lot of backlash from community members, many of them calling for strict legal actions to be taken against the individual.

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