Thug Compares Nova Esports’ Financial Income With S8UL

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In a recent livestream, Thug claimed that Nova Esports earns at least 20 times more than S8UL Esports.
He attributed this difference to the high prize pools of Game for Peace and higher viewership on DouYu.

Chinese esports organization Nova Esports earns significantly more money than S8UL Esports according to Animesh “Thug” Agarwal, co-owner of the popular Indian esports organization. Thug attributed Nova Esports’ financial success to the high prize pools of Game for Peace (a.k.a. Peacekeeper Elite) tournaments, and Nova Esports’ success in them. Furthermore, the organization’s high viewership on Chinese streaming platforms like DouYu also contribute significantly.

Thug reveals why Nova Esports earns more than S8UL Esports

During Thug’s recent livestream, one of his viewers asked him if Nova Esports earns more than S8UL Esports. Responding to this question, Thug said, “At least 20 times more than S8UL Esports.”

It is well-known that Peacekeeper Elite tournaments feature higher prize pools than PUBG Mobile tournaments. One such tournament is Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL), China’s highest-level professional league for Peacekeeper Elite. Each season of this league features a humongous prize pool of around $1 Million USD to $4 Million and takes place multiple times a year.

Talking about this, Thug said, “The prize pools of Chinese tournaments are huge, and they (Nova Esports) win those tournaments. They win tournaments like PEL, which has a prize pool of around $2 Million USD and takes place every three months.” providing a significant source of income for Nova Esports. These tournaments provide an incredibly significant income source for Nova Esports.

Thug also mentioned that Nova Esports has had a high viewership on the Chinese streaming platform DouYu, with their players' livestreams attracting over 5 lakh peak viewers, which provides the organization with additional income through advertisements and sponsorships. The combination of tournament winnings and streaming income has contributed significantly to Nova Esports' overall financial success.

In July 2022, the Indian government  suspended BGMI just one year after its launch, and the game continues to be unavailable on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.. 

The esports ecosystem of BGMI has come to a halt in India due to the unavailability of the game. Furthermore, the viewership of S8UL Esports’ content creators has also significantly dropped as most of them have a BGMI-centric audience. This could have possibly lead to a reduced income S8UL Esports’ creators and pro players.

Nova Esports has been able to achieve impressive financial success in the esports industry thanks to its strong performance in tournaments and its high viewership on streaming platforms. Furthermore, Nova Esports also demonstrated a decent performance in the recently concluded PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 and finished in 9th position.

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