Team SouL’s Omega Reveals Mindset as the Main Shortcoming for Indian BGMI Teams on Global Stage


Team SouL’s Omega Reveals Mindset as the Main Shortcoming for Indian BGMI Teams on Global Stage

Moin Khot
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S8UL’s Omega believes that Indian teams' lack of success in global PUBG Mobile tournaments is due to their mindset, not a lack of skill.
He expressed that Indian teams need to stay in touch with the game, have a passion for winning and improving, and dedicate themselves to achieving their goals in order to excel on the global stage.

Team SouL’s professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Sahil “Omega” Jakhar addressed the shortcomings Indian BGMI teams face on the global PUBG Mobile stage in a recent livestream. He stated that the reason Indian teams do not perform well on the global stage is not due to a lack of skills but due to their mindset. He emphasized that Indian teams need to change their mindset if they want to excel on the global stage.

Omega explains what Indian BGMI teams need to do to excel in global competition

In his livestream, Omega explained that Indian teams need to have the right mindset when playing in global tournaments. He stressed the importance of staying in touch with the game regularly and having a passion for winning and improving. “Keep your mindset right, stay in touch with the game regularly, and keep the passion for winning and improving within yourself. When you lose a one vs. one, question yourself how you lost that fight,” he added.

 He also highlighted the importance of having the dedication to achieve something, saying that if players work hard with that dedication, they will definitely get their desired result sooner or later.“I have observed this. You will definitely get the results of the hard work you put in, and no one will be able to take it away from you.”

Omega's own team, Team SouL, signed him as an in-game leader (IGL) to its BGMI roster in early 2022 and since then, the team has put forth a commendable performance. Under Omega’s leadership, the team won the prestigious Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS), which granted it a slot in the global tournament PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2022. However, the team could only finish in the 11th position in the latter.

Although BGMI is still unavailable in the country, Omega is determined to work and practice hard to reach the top spot. He regularly streams BGMI on his YouTube as well as Loco channel.

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