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Snax Confirms Commitment to S8UL Esports: I Joined for Life, I Will Not Leave

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In a recent livestream, Raj "Snax" Varma revealed that he had not thought about his pro BGMI gaming career as the game is unavailable.
He stated that he likes to think in the moment and will decide about his gaming career when the game returns.
He also stated that he would stay in S8UL Esports forever.

Professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player and S8UL Esports' content creator Raj "Snax" Varma discussed his future plans in a recent livestream. He stated that he has not thought about competitive gaming in BGMI as the game is still stuck in a limbo where the potential of its return is still unclear. He also mentioned that he takes an unorthodox approach to decision making, thinking in the moment and going with the flow, rather than pre-planning everything.

However, Snax also reaffirmed his commitment to S8UL Esports, claiming that he will not leave the organization as he wants to be a part of it forever.

Snax is uncertain about his BGMI pro gaming career

During his livestream, one of Snax’s viewers inquired if he would consider leaving S8UL Esports to join a different team to play competitive BGMI if the game returns. Responding to this question, Snax stated that he had not thought about competitive gaming at all. He also added, "Currently, there is nothing in my mind about competitive gaming because the game is not available yet. When the game comes, I will think about it."

Snax discussed his unorthodox method of making decisions. He said that he always evaluates the current situation rather than planning ahead. "I make decisions based on what feels right in the moment. I don't have a preconceived notion of what I should or shouldn't do," he added."As life is going on, always go with the flow. That's been my attitude since day one. Just let it flow as it is. If you feel like changing something, do it on the spot and work on it. I don't think and prepare in advance. Whatever it is, I decide on the spot," he said.

Snax states he would be a part of S8UL Esports forever 

In November 2022, during DreamHack 2022, Snax and S8UL Esports made the announcement that Snax had joined S8UL Esports as a content creator. Prior to this, Snax also Joined 8bit Creatives, a talent management agency owned by S8UL Esports co-owner Animesh "Thug" Agarwal. 

Snax expressed that he is fully committed to S8UL Esports. "I will not leave S8UL Esports. I joined S8UL for life. When I met Thug Bhai to join 8bit Creatives, I told him that I am not just joining for now; I am here forever," he said.

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