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Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 Open Finals: Overview, Teams Qualified for Challenge Season

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The Open Finals of Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 has concluded with the top 8 teams qualifying for the Challenge Season.
The event also boasts a massive prize pool of INR 1 Crore.

The Snapdragon Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Pro Series is one of India's major BGMI events, boasting a massive prize pool of INR 1 Crore. The tournament had over 2,000 slots for upcoming teams in the open qualifiers. The event is divided into three stages: Conquest, Challenge Season, and Challenge Final. The initial Conquest stage has been further divided into two parts, open qualifiers and open finals, followed by the Challenge Season where 24 seasoned teams will be invited to compete.

Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 Open Finals Overview

Reckoning Esports placed at the top of the table with 161 points and two chicken dinners. SkullTZ Esports, one of the upcoming squads, displayed consistent performances throughout the open finals and placed second with 141 points including four chicken dinners. WindGod Esports and Team Insane Esports placed third and fourth with 111 and 107 points respectively including two chicken dinners each. 4 Aggressive Man placed fifth with 104 points. Team Aaru had a good mix of finish and placement points and placed sixth with 102 points. Team Prince and 4Shot Esports were able put forth consistent performances and got 96 and 95 points respectively.

These are the 8 teams that qualified for the Challenge Season from the Open Finals:

  • Reckoning Esports.

  • SkullTZ Esports.

  • WindGod Esports.

  • Team Insane Esports.

  • 4 Aggressive Man.

  • Team Aaru.

  • Team Prince.

  • 4Shot Esports.

Some of the teams invited to the Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series Challenge Season include:

  • Chemin Esports.

  • Big Brother Esports.

  • Medal Esports.

  • WSB Gaming.

  • Entity Gaming.

  • Team Omega.

  • Blind Esports 

  • Orangutan.

  • Team 8Bit.

  • Alibaba Raiders.

  • GenxFM Esports.

  • Global Esports.

Where to watch Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series Challenge Season?

The Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series Open Finals will be streamed on the official ESLIndia Youtube channel, ESLIndia Facebook, ESLIndia Loco, Nodwin Gaming Youtube channel and Nodwin Gaming Facebook from 12th January.

The Challenge Season is a great opportunity for upcoming teams like 4Shot Esports, 4 Aggressive Man, SkullTZ Esports and WindGod Esports to test their mettle against seasoned teams and show their skills.

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