Sid Talks About Team Soul’s Performance in Skyesports Championship 5.0

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Sid says that Team Soul’s result in the Skyesports Championship 5.0 is decent but the team could have done better.
He also said that the team failed to grab opportunities which led to it being placed on the fourth spot in the Grand Finals.

The recently concluded Skyesports Championship 5.0 BGMI Grand Finals was dominated by teams like Blind Esports, Revenant Esports and OR Esports. Team Soul had a good performance on the first day of the event and had a shot at winning the title but was unable to continue the same on Day 2 which led to the team  placing fourth on the overall points table.

Sid talks about Team Soul’s performance

In a recent vlog, S8UL Siddhant “Sid” Joshi talked about Team Soul’s recent performance in the Skyesports Championship 5.0 and said, “I think after BGIS 2023 this was still a respectable performance but we could have done better. Coming fourth is not a bad result for us. We should have capitalized in games where Blind Esports was eliminated early but were not able to do so.” 

Sid also talked about why Team Soul didn’t try to secure the second spot when Blind Esports had a significant lead which couldn't be crossed. He said, “I was not thinking for the second spot but many fans messaged me saying that Team Soul should have tried coming in the second spot, my thought process is never like that and I always aim for the number one spot. For me there is no difference between the second and fifteenth placed teams. If coming number one is difficult and the difference is about 50 to 60 points it can be understood that someone is trying for the second spot but if the difference is only 30 or 40 points with two games remaining, my team will always try to grab the top spot. Also as long as I am in the team we will never try for the second spot.”

S8UL Sid

Team Soul had a shot at the title on the last day of the Grand Finals as Blind Esports, which was placed on top of the table, was eliminated early in its last couple of matches but Team Soul was unable to grab those opportunities.

Team Soul is now playing the Upthrust Esports Diwali Battle 2023 Finals LAN event and has dominated Day 1 of the event. Fans are hoping their favorite team continues its momentum on Day 2.

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