SENSEI Claims Fierce Is Fifth BGMI Player For GodLike Esports


SENSEI Claims That Fierce Is Fifth BGMI Player for GodLike Esports

Was it a setup or did he actually just make a huge blunder.

Aditya Singh Rawat
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During a recent livestream, Team XO's captain SENSEI made a huge claim that Fierce was the fifth player for GodLike Esports.
He accidentally leaked the information when asked by his viewers whether the speculation about Fierce joining GodLike was true or not.
SENSEI realized halfway through his response that he is not supposed to give away this information and even called Team XO's manager during his stream.

There have been a lot of talks surrounding who really is the fifth player for GodLike Esports' BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) roster and it seems Deepak "SENSEI" Negi from Team XO might have leaked who this player really is.

During a recent livestream, the captain of Team XO made a huge blunder as he gave away more information than he would have wanted to.

When SENSEI was asked by his chat if the news about Ritesh "Fierce" Nawandar being the fifth player for GodLike Esports was true or not, he responded by saying "See, we had given Fierce an option to go if he wanted to and he left, now what can we do about it?"

But as soon as he had said that, a heavy realization dawned upon SENSEI that maybe he was not supposed to divulge all this information during the livestream just yet.

SENSEI claims during livestream that Fierce could be the fifth BGMI player for GodLike Esports

The recent performance by GodLike Esports in the first-ever BGMI LAN tournament was really disappointing to say the least. The star team not only failed to make an impact with its performance but also failed to place within the top ten, achieving an overall 14th place finish at the NODWIN Loco All Stars Invitaional.

Team XO had placed fourth at the BGMI LAN tournament

Since then there have been talks about GodLike looking for a fifth player to add to its roster and it seems very likely that SENSEI from Team XO might have given up the player's name in his recent livestream.

Fierce was the one many in the BGMI community had started speculating as GodLike's fifth, but no leaks had been provided by any of the players or parties involved. But an innocent SENSEI failed to stay tight-lipped on the matter and gave away this shred of information when his viewers pressured him with the speculated roster move.

In the video segment starting at around 4:04, SENSEI can be seen waking up from his brain fade moment and realizing that he should not be giving this information away just yet.

After saying that Fierce had decided to leave when presented with an option, SENSEI proceeds to make a call to Devesh "Tom" Kumar - Manager of Team XO, saying "Tom, by mistake I revealed it on my stream, about Fierce".

The horrid expression on his face was enough to give away that he had made a huge blunder, as he smiled nervously in front of his viewers clearly disappointed in himself, "How can someone be this innocent? Just ignore that statement, ignore it guys, ignore, ignore".

This was a huge leak from the shotcaller of Team XO but this information has to be taken with a grain of salt as no official statement on the matter has been made yet by any of the teams involved.

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