Scout Talks About BGMI’s Potential Return Date And His Esports Plans


Scout Talks About BGMI’s Potential Return Date And His Esports Plans

Moin Khot
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Scout stated that he would continue to play BGMI professionally after it returns.
The pro player claimed that he had heard from others that the game would return in January or February.
He further made an assumption and said BGMI would return in March at the latest.

Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh, a.k.a. Scout, recently discussed Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) potential return in the country in his livestream. He stated that he assumes that BGMI will return by early 2023 and that he intends to return to BGMI esports when the game returns to the country.

Scout is a professional BGMI player who played for TeamXSpark. He is one of the most prominent figures and arguably one of the most accomplished players in the Indian BGMI community and has inspired a huge chunk of the Indian BGMI audience. Besides being a pro player, Scout also makes content and streams various games on his livestreams. He has a massive fan following with over 4.6 Million subscribers on YouTube and over 3.5 Million followers on Instagram.

Scout plans to compete in the BGMI pro scene after the game returns

Scout was recently playing games and chatting with his audience. One of his fellow viewers asked him if he would continue to compete in BGMI esports professionally after the game makes a comeback. Responding to this, Scout rhetorically asked, “Why not?”. Following this, he stated, “There is still a lot of strength left in me. I will surely compete when the game returns.”

On the topic of BGMI, another viewer asked Scout if he had any update regarding BGMI’s potential return. Responding to this, Scout revealed that he does not have any update from the official sources. “But from what I have heard from all the sides, everyone is saying that the game will return at the end of January or the first week of February,” said Scout. Following this, he made an assumption about the game’s potential return if it does not return in the said time. “If it does not come back by that time, my assumption is that the game would be relaunched by March 2023,” Scout said. However, he later clarified that it is just an assumption not based on any information, and he is not sure about it.

A lot of popular personalities from the Indian gaming community have been making claims that BGMI would return to the country in early 2023. Some say it would return in the first two weeks of January, whereas others say it would return later in February. However, Krafton has not made any official statement about the game’s return or informed the community about its current status. The lack of response from the publisher has also frustrated many people in the community. However, only time will tell when the game will return.

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