Sc0utOP Reveals Why He Gets Lesser Viewers on Titles Other Than BGMI and Valorant

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Sc0utOP revealed why he got fewer viewers while playing the finals of Pokemon Unite Skyesports Streamers Showdown on his recent livestream.
Sc0utOP explained that the main reason for Techno Gamerz getting more viewers than him is that Techno Gamerz’s audience includes those who watch Pokemon as well as play the game.
He later talked about the kind of support he gets from his audience.

Tanmay “Sc0utOP” Singh was seen playing the finals of the Pokemon Unite Skyesports Streamers Showdown on his recent livestream. Team Mortal defeated Team Scout in the finals of the event to emerge as the champion. However, during the event, it was noticed that Sc0utOP and Naman “MortaL” Mathur were getting fewer viewers than usual. As a result, one of the fellow viewers compared his viewer count with a popular Indian YouTuber Ujjwal “Techno Gamerz” Chaurasia who has over 29 million subscribers. In response, Sc0utOP revealed why he was getting fewer viewers as compared to Techno Gamerz.

Sc0utOP talks about his audience

Sc0utOP started his gaming with PUBG Mobile Esports in 2018 and then later moved to creating content and streaming on YouTube, and now he has over 4.5 million subscribers. On the other hand, Techno Gamerz started his gaming journey by creating gaming content on Youtube in 2017 and has been doing it for the past five years, and now he has over 29 million subscribers. Explaining this to his audience, Sc0utOP said, “Techno Gamerz is the biggest gamer in India. He has the top-most gaming channel in the country. We started our journey from Esports, then moved to YouTube; he built his channel based only on content.”

Sc0utOP’s primary audience was focused on PUBG Mobile, but after the ban, he started playing Valorant and BGMI back and forth. As a result, his audience mainly prefers watching BGMI and Valorant content. In contrast, Techno Gamerz’s audience is of a lower age group, which likes to watch the games he plays, like Pokemon, Minecraft, and more. He said, “Techno Gamerz has an audience of the age group that actually watches Pokemon and all. We do not have that audience; we are building it, and the building stage takes time.”

Sc0utOP later talked about the support he gets from his audience. “Even if I go to a crowded place today, the number of people who come to meet me would be more than you can imagine. That’s the audience I have earned,” he said. Following this, explaining the age group of his audience, he said, “My audience includes the people who go to school to teach, not study, and people who do jobs.”

Sc0utOP will continue to stream Valorant on his channel as the new Episode 5 Act III just dropped in the game.

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