S8UL MortaL History, Esports Journey, Achievements, and More

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Naman “MortaL” Mathur is one of the most prominent personalities in the entire Indian gaming community. He is one of three co-owners of arguably the most successful Indian esports organizations. Throughout his career, MortaL has played a crucial role in developing the gaming and esports industry in India and skyrocketing S8UL Esports’ success. Besides leading India’s one of the most popular esports organizations, MortaL is also a caster, streamer and content creator with over 6.98 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

S8UL MortaL history, esports journey, and achievements

MortaL was born on 22nd May 1996 in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He completed his schooling at the Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School, Mumbai, and pursued his graduation in Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) from SIES College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Mumbai. From a young age, MortaL was fond of video games. He started his YouTube channel in September 2013 but only started uploading videos in September 2016. The channel primarily focused on a 2D multiplayer combat game, Doodle Army 2 - Mini Militia. However, with the launch and the rise in popularity of PUBG Mobile, MortaL started focusing on creating content around PUBG Mobile. Being one of the first few PUBG Mobile content creators in the country, he soon gained enormous traction and became one of the biggest gaming content creators and streamers in India.

MortaL started playing the game professionally in 2019 and won the first official tournament he played – PUBG Mobile India Series 2019. He also emerged as the champion of PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split: India, along with his team, which granted it a slot in the prestigious PUBG Mobile Club Open - Spring Split Global Finals. He put forth a show of incredible game sense and impeccable aim at the domestic circuit, which inspired millions of PUBG Mobile aspirants across the country. Soon MortaL’s team – Team SouL, became one of the most liked and popular teams across the country. However, the team fell short on the global stage and finished in the 12th position. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Team SouL was disbanded in September 2019.

MortaL added new players to the team in late 2019. The new squad demonstrated an incredible performance at the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split: South Asia, which granted it a slot in the PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split Global Finals. In December 2022, Team SouL played two global events – PUBG Mobile Club Open - Fall Split Global Finals and Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019. The team demonstrated a mediocre performance and finished in the 12th position in both tournaments. 

In September 2020, the government of India banned PUBG Mobile under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000. However, MortaL stuck to the organization as a leader through thick and thin. In late 2020, MortaL partnered with the co-owners of 8bit, Animesh “Thug” Agarwal and Lokesh “Goldy” Jain to merge both organizations and form the renowned S8UL Esports. 

When Krafton introduced the Indian variant of PUBG Mobile – Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), MortaL and S8UL Esports were again ready to conquer the top spot. After a lot of due diligence, S8UL Esports signed a new roster in early 2022, with a ton of veteran players to guide them. MortaL guided the new roster of S8UL Esports to establish it as one of the best BGMI teams in India. The team went on to win the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series.

S8UL MortaL estimated YouTube Earnings 

MortaL has been active on his social media handles since he started uploading Doodle Army 2 - Mini Militia content back in 2016. As of writing this article, Thug has gained over 6.98 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has collectively acquired over 1.1 billion views. According to Social Blade, Thug’s estimated YouTube earnings is between $1.3k USD (₹1,07,508 INR) to $20.3k (₹16,78,790) monthly or $15.2k (₹12,57,025) to $243.7k (₹2,01,53,758) annually.

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