S4gitnu Explains Why He Was Not Drafted Into Nexplay EVOS' Competitive Lineup


S4gitnu Explains Why He Was Not Drafted Into Nexplay EVOS' Competitive Lineup

John Dave Rossel
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S4gitnu reveals that he couldn't join this season's lineup due to branding conflicts, since he is sponsored by mobile phone manufacturer, VIVO, while Nexplay is partnered with another mobile company, Realme.
Akosi Dogie want to draft him next season after his contract with VIVO expires.
S4gitnu already has the experience to join the major league so Akosi Dogie refuses to send him to the MDL team.

Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang explained why he was not drafted into Nexplay EVOS’ MPL PH Season 8 team, a few days after Omega Esports’ pro player, Billy "Z4pnu" Alfonso talked about recruiting the former Execration player. S4gitnu stated that the main reason why he was not able to join the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 8 roster of Nexplay EVOS is because of his brand conflicts. His contract with popular smartphone brand VIVO is in conflict with Nexplay’s brand partner Realme, who is also a popular smartphone brand. S4gitnu also stated that if his contract with VIVO ends soon, he is willing to participate in the next season of MPL PH under Nexplay EVOS.

S4gitnu reveals that he wants to return to the Mobile Legends esports scene

Nexplay EVOS’ support player, Setsuna “Akosi Dogie” Ignacio talked with one of the organization’s talents Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang during one of his vlogs, to clarify to the fans why he was not part of the MPL PH Season 8 roster of the team.

According to Jeff “S4gitnu” Subang, he wanted to try Mobile Legends competitive esports once again. However, due to his current contract with smartphone brand VIVO, he couldn’t be drafted in the current Nexplay EVOS lineup as the organization also has its own contract with a smartphone brand, Realme.

You know guys, Nexplay’s partner brand is Realme. So, if he joins, it already conflicts because they are not the same brand,” stated Akosi Dogie. “I want him to be stable in terms of branding and streaming.

Akosi Dogie also advised that S4gitnu should finish his contract with VIVO first before returning to esports. After the contract ends, he will be drafted for the next season of MPL PH. He also added that S4gitnu already has the experience to join the major league so he refuses to send him to the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) team.

I don’t want him to be sent to MDL because he already has the competitive experience,” explained Akosi Dogie.

Nexplay Esports' Business Development and Partnerships Head, Adrian Rob Son, spoke about the matter with AFK Gaming. He commented,

"Real Me is an exclusive partner for Nexplay MLBB Team and adding Sagitnu who is under VIVO for the time being could cause conflict between both partners.

Sagitnu has been in my list since MPL S7 planning to have a 2nd Team for Nexplay with Sagitnu in it.

But as the MLBB Competitive scene transitions to Franchise, Things have to be re-evaluated together with our partners.

Nevertheless, Sagitnu will always be in our list and its a matter of time till you can see him again in the top league."

Since he left Execration back in MPL PH Season 6, S4gitnu has been one of Nexplay Esports’ talented streamers. According to Z4pnu, the reason why S4gitnu left Execration is that he has lost his competitive drive and couldn’t take his esports career seriously.

However, it would seem that the pro player wants to take another shot at pursuing his esports career under Nexplay EVOS. But before that, he needs to settle his partnership deal with VIVO before he can get drafted to next season’s lineup.

It will be interesting to see if S4gitnu will be able to surprise his fans with how much he has improved, since he went on hiatus from his esports career, under the Nexplay EVOS banner in the MPL PH Season 9.

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