RSG PH's Coach Panda Planned to Utilize their Reserved Players in the MPLI 2021


RSG PH's Coach Panda Plans to Utilize Their Reserved Players in the MPLI 2021

John Dave Rossel
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RSG PH's coach Panda revealed that he had planned on utilizing its reserved players for the MPLI 2021.
RSG PH dominated its sister team RSG SG with a clean sweep victory score of 2-0 in the MPLI 2021 group stage.
RSG PH is looking to compete against the two time MPL PH champion, Blacklist International in the MPLI 2021.

RSG Philippines (PH) dominated its sister team RSG Singapore (SG) with a clean sweep victory score of 2-0 in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Invitational (MPLI) 2021 group stage. Through a post-match interview, RSG PH’s head coach Brian “Panda” Lim revealed that they were planning on drafting their reserved players. RSG PH was entirely focused on building team compositions for its new members that were underutilized during the recently concluded MPL PH Season 8. It worked surprisingly well in their favor as the new players synchronized well with RSG PH’s star rookie John Cedrix “Demonkite” Caranto.

RSG PH dominated RSG SG with a clean sweep victory thanks to Demonkite and Emann

In a battle between sister teams, RSG PH proves its superior performance by taking down RSG SG with a clean sweep victory. The Singaporean team showed its willpower and dedication but RSG PH managed to initiate team fights that worked very well in its favor.

The first match was one-sided with RSG PH’s star rookie Demonkite and Eman "EMANN" Sangco spearheading every team fight. Two of the pro players that barely participated in the MPL PH Season 9, Kenneth Jane “Kenji” Villa and Dexter “Exort” Martinez also appeared in this match and their contribution was integral to the team’s success. Throughout the two matches, RSG SG was barely able to make any progress leading to both the matches ending in less than 14 minutes.

RSG SG barely secured kills and turrets.

In a post-match interview, RSG PH’s head coach Panda admitted that they were not expecting to go up against RSG SG this early on in the MPLI 2021. The coach also revealed that he wanted to fully utilize the team’s roster as the team was not able to do so during the MPL PH Season 8.

“In this season, I wanted to try our other reserved players which are Kenji, Emann, and also Exort,” stated Panda. “Luckily and also successfully, that really worked out.”

Despite all the formidable opponents in the MPLI 2021, Coach Panda revealed that his team has its eyes set on the two-time MPL PH champions, Blacklist International.

“One team I’m looking forward to (facing) is Blacklist International,” stated Panda.

With RSG SG officially out of the MPLI 2021, RSG PH marches forward in the tournament aiming for the grand finals to claim the championship title. It will be interesting to see RSG PH’s progress as they further climb up the group stage of the MPLI 2021.

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