RRQ PH Aims to Be a Household Name in the Wild Rift Esports Scene


RRQ PH Aims to Be a Household Name in the Wild Rift Esports Scene

John Dave Rossel
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Co-owner of RRQ, Calvin Thenderan shares the Wild Rift team's journey into becoming the WCS 2022 PH champions.
RRQ PH underwent a lot of changes such as role swaps until it finally achieved the perfect team chemistry.
RRQ also aims to help build a sustainable esports ecosystem for Wild Rift.

The crowned champions of the League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions Southeast Asia (WCS) 2022 - Philippines (PH), Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) PH, aims to be one of the biggest names in the Wild Rift esports scene. As the team prepares for its biggest challenge yet, the WCS 2022 Finals, its co-owner, Calvin Thenderan shared the esports organization’s struggles and success since they first established its Wild Rift team in the Philippines region. The team underwent a lot of changes such as role swaps until RRQ PH finally achieved the perfect team chemistry that earned them the title of the Wild Rift South East Asia (SEA) champions.

RRQ PH stood firm against all odds

The Wild Rift esports journey for RRQ PH was a long and challenging one. The team made it to the playoffs stage of the Philippines regional qualifiers for the Horizon Cup 2021. However, they only finished 7th-8th place, locking them out of the world series dream.

Through a virtual press conference, Calvin said that he had been eyeing to field an esports team in the Philippines. Having the opportunity to field a Wild Rift team in the region is a “match made in heaven.”

“RRQ has built a strong presence in Indonesia, even in Thailand and other parts of SEA. But we have been looking at the Philippines for a long time," Calvin stated. “Being a League of Legends player and fan since Season 2, I already looked up to Riot and I believed Wild Rift was going to be big. Philippines and Wild Rift felt like a match made in heaven and it was really a no-brainer.”

With a new world series on the horizon, the Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022, RRQ managed to turn the tide in its favor and secure a championship title in the WCS 2022 - PH. According to Calvin, the key to victory is the team’s mental fortitude and perseverance to conquer all odds.

“It was all about the mentality, especially in the playoff stage. Just before the playoffs we even hired a psychologist. It's not a matter of just skills. The players are young and emotions can get the better of them," the RRQ co-owner said.

Given how stress could potentially affect a pro player’s performance, having the means to take care of emotional stress to keep the players healthy and prepared for the journey helped RRQ remain focused on its goal of conquering the Philippines Wild Rift regional league.

RRQ PH aims to contribute to Wild Rift’s ever-growing esports ecosystem

Aside from vying to secure one of the four slots in the upcoming Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022, the esports organization also aims to help build a sustainable esports ecosystem for Wild Rift.

“In the many years to come for Wild Rift esports, our goal is to become a household name. We want to help build the ecosystem that Leo [Leo Faria, global esports head of Wild Rift] and Riot Games want to achieve. We all want the competition to be elevated and have more eyeballs tuning into the region,” Calvin said.

RRQ PH alongside the WCS 2022 PH runner-up Fennel Adversity will be representing the region in the upcoming WCS 2022 Finals scheduled to be held on 23rd April. Both teams will be up against the top-performing teams of the SEA regions who are also vying to be seeded in the world series tournament.

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