RRQ CEO Interested in Acquiring RSG PH Irrad for Indonesian Team

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>RRQ CEO Interested in Acquiring RSG PH Irrad for Indonesian Team</p></div>
RRQ CEO Interested in Acquiring RSG PH Irrad for Indonesian Team


RRQ CEO Andrian Pauline responds to rumors that RRQ Indonesia is looking to acquire RSG PH Irrad.
According to Andrian Pauline, the esports organization is contacting PH teams and is looking to acquire Filipino talents.
One of the talents that RRQ is looking to acquire is Irrad.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines (MPL PH) Season 12, a few rumors have started spreading regarding possible player transfers. One such rumor is that RRQ Indonesia may be acquiring RSG PH’s star jungler John "Irrad" Abarquez. The Co-founder and CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the Indonesian organization, Andrian "AP" Pauline, shared how he is interested in acquiring a Filipino player and has started contacting various PH esports organizations. He also added that he may be contacting RSG PH and discuss whether he can acquire 1rrad for RRQ Indonesia. 

RRQ CEO answers rumors on 1rrad being acquired by the team

According to a report from SPIN Esports Indonesia, RRQ AP responded to the rumors regarding 1rrad’s transfer to an Indonesian team. According to him, he has been contacting several MLBB teams from the Philippines and is interested in acquiring RSG PH’s jungler.

“‘Irrad is good, sir?’ Yeah, I will try to chat with the RSG (PH) team next week. It’s just the playoffs break, I’ll definitely contact them, just like in Season 12 yesterday, I’ve actually contacted all the PH teams, just so you know,” replied AP on the viewer’s question.

Irrad stands as a true icon within the ranks of RSG PH, renowned for his exceptional contributions. When the team's former jungler, Jonard "Demonkite" Caranto, opted for a temporary hiatus from the professional scene, Irrad stepped up with unwavering determination. During this period, Irrad dedicated himself to forging strong bonds with the team, ultimately solidifying his status as a cornerstone member of the squad.

RRQ CEO answers rumors on 1rrad being acquired by the team


While the CEO of RRQ himself revealed that he is interested in acquiring RSG PH’s jungler, it is still unconfirmed if the player transfer will be official. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates as teams make preparations for next year’s MPL season. 

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