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Riot Games Dev Reveals Champion Banning in Wild Rift for Next Patch

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Riot Games dev Riot Soundwave has confirmed Champion Banning will be added in Wild Rift soon.
Players will be able to ban up to three champions in matches. The cap will be increased to five champions in succeeding patches.

After several months of fans asking for the addition of champion banning to League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot Games dev Riot Soundwave has confirmed it will be added in the next patch. The upcoming patch will bring Wild Rift's much-anticipated champion banning phase, allowing players to ban up to three champions in ranked matches. The developer also stated that they may be upgrading the champion ban phase in a future patch, allowing players to ban up to five champions at once. Here are more details about the upcoming champion ban phase in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Champion Ban Phase Confirmed

Wild Rift developer, Riot Soundwave, recently revealed on Reddit that the game will receive a champion ban feature in an upcoming patch. Devs stated that in the upcoming patch, players will have the ability to ban three champions before a match begins. In one to three patches, the ban count will increase to five champions.

Riot Soundwave confirming the champion banning feature in Wild Rift.

In addition, Riot Soundwave added that players would be able to choose the champion they want to play. Nevertheless, other players can still ban your choices as well, just like League of Legends PC.

Why Wild Rift Champion Ban Phase Was Delayed

Since Wild Rift's first official Ranked Season, the champion ban phase has been one of the most requested features. Riot Soundwave stated that their main goal was to add a position select feature in the game and increase the champion pool in WIld Rift before adding the champion ban system.

“Bans have a few things that are pretty tricky to solve: As mentioned in the thread, the health of bans is tightly coupled to the number of champions in the game,” stated Riot Soundwave.

It was mentioned that if the banning feature was added too early, players could simply ban out an entire position or role, which would ruin the fun for most players.

The Wild Rift Patch 2.2a was recently released, containing a variety of summer-themed content. It will probably take some time before the next patch appears in the game.

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