Regaltos Will Play in BGMS Season 2

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Team 8Bit Regaltos, Juicy, Madman, Beast, Mighty</p></div>
Team 8Bit Regaltos, Juicy, Madman, Beast, Mighty


8Bit Goldy provided details about Regaltos’ participation in BGMS Season 2.
Team 8Bit’s IGL Juicy promised fans they will see Regaltos playing BGMS Season 2.

Since Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 began the fans have gotten to witness a great deal of exciting matches. The fire fights between young players and experienced veterans have been amazing. Team 8Bit filled with young talents has shown a lot of potential and recently the organization added experienced veteran player Parv “Regaltos” Singh to its roster.  

8Bit Lokesh “Goldy” Jain and Team 8Bit’s Vishwas “Juicy” Battoo responded to some of the fans queries about Regaltos and also revealed whether he will be playing BGMS Season 2. 

8Bit Goldy responds to fans on Regaltos’ participation BGMS Season 2

Team 8Bit had a good run in the Launch Week of BGMS Season 2. The team is looking to dominate the BGMS Season 2 and has also managed to find some success in its endeavor, but Regaltos is yet to play in the tournament.. 

Regaltos previously had formed a team named Team Veterans. The team was disbanded after participating in few tournaments. Before BGMS Season 2 started it was revealed that Regaltos would be joining Team 8Bit for Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) and BGMS Season 2. 

Recently in a live stream 8Bit Goldy responded to fans regarding Regaltos’ participation in the tournament. He said Regaltos is not feeling well which is one of the reasons he is not playing. He mentioned that the current roster’s  performance has been consistent, and until there is something wrong with the performance of the four players, there wouldn’t be any changes. He also said that he knows a lot of fans are waiting to see Regaltos play the event, but they would have to wait to see him play.

Team 8Bit’s In Game Leader (IGL) Juicy also responded to the fans on this matter. He said Regaltos is an excellent player and the fans will soon be able to witness him play BGMS Season 2. 

Regaltos is one of the few players who has been playing at the highest level since the launch of BGMI. He also has LAN experience which will help his team go forward in the tournament. 

Team 8Bit has been performing exceptionally since BGMI’s unban in May. The addition of Regaltos to the roster will only boost the team's confidence. Fans are eagerly waiting to see Regaltos play the event as he is one of the veteran players in the BGMI scene.

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