Regaltos Reveals Reasons for Not Playing with Team Veterans

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Regaltos Reveals Reasons for Not Playing with Team Veterans



During his livestream, Regaltos acknowledged the questions and speculations from fans regarding his decision to not play with Team Veterans.
Regaltos addressed fan concerns during a livestream, clarifying that he had not left esports and remained dedicated to competing at a high level in BGMI.
He hinted at sponsorship opportunities for Team Veterans and explained his personal decision not to continue with the team, expressing his preference for not playing under someone's contract. Regaltos also hinted at the possibility of joining another team in the future.

Popular S8UL Esports streamer and content creator Parv "Regaltos" Singh recently made a highly anticipated comeback to competitive Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). After a brief hiatus, Regaltos joined forces with a new team named Team Veterans, much to the excitement of his dedicated fanbase. However, he had since stopped playing with the team shortly after this.

During a recent livestream, fans bombarded him with questions, expressing their curiosity to this turn of events and whether he had altogether left the realm of esports. In response, Regaltos took the opportunity to address these concerns and shed light on the reasons behind his decision.

Regaltos Addresses Fans' Questions and Reveals Future Plans in BGMI Esports

During his livestream, when fans bombarded him with questions regarding not playing with his newly formed team, speculating that he had left esports altogether, Regaltos expressed his frustration and stated, "There must be a reason why I am not playing with them." He made it clear that he had not left esports and was still fully committed to competing at a high level. Regaltos emphasized that BGMI esports required dedication and couldn't be treated as a temporary venture.

Parv also hinted about the players of Team Veterans getting sponsored, he said “I am not playing with VTE because the team is looking for a sponsor. The team is getting sponsored”. Regaltos also revealed that though there was a space for the whole team to be sponsored, he decided not to continue with them, According to him, “I am not a player who can play under someone's contract, and I cannot sponsor the lineup myself”.

Team Veterans consists of SyedOP, Darklord, Shadow07, and Regaltos himself. The team finished 18th in the Nodwin BGMI Champions Cup and 15th in the Novum Esports Overpower Series - Season 1. However, he assured his fans that he had not left competitive esports and hinted that he might try playing with another team in the future. Regaltos assured his fans that he had not left competitive esports and would try to play with another team. He mentioned that he needed more time to prepare himself and hinted at potential participation in upcoming events.

Prior to joining Team Veterans, Regaltos had been associated with renowned esports organizations such as Team 8bit and Team Soul. However, during the temporary ban on Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), he entertained his audience by streaming games like VALORANT and GTA RolePlay. With BGMI's return, Regaltos has resumed streaming the game on his YouTube channel, which has over 2.2 Million subscribers.

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