Rebellion Zion Released Star Player Fearless Due to Sexual Harassment Misconduct


Rebellion Zion Releases Fearless After Sexual Harassment Misconduct Allegations

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Rebellion Zion jungler Fearless was penalized for sexual harassment allegations.
Rebellion Zion cut ties with Fearless by releasing him from its MLBB roster.
MPL Indonesia made an official statement and penalized Fearless for his misconduct.

Rebellion Zion officially announced the release of one of its star players, Moch “Fearless” Setiawan, due to sexual harassment allegations. The esports organization released a statement apologizing for the incident and announcing that it shall cut ties with the accused pro player. Rebellion Zion promised to take necessary precautions to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future. The official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) also made its official statement regarding the issue, stating that Fearless shall be penalized for his misconduct. The pro player is yet to release an official statement regarding the issue. 

Rebellion Zion cuts ties with its star jungler Fearless due to misconduct

Rebellion Zion’s jungler Fearless is under fire due to being accused of sexual harassment. According to a report from Spin Esports, the victim, who goes by the name Widi, posted on TikTok about what happened during the initial meeting with Fearless. According to the post, Widi is a receptionist at a hotel where Fearless was staying. 

The pro player allegedly forced Widi to go to his room but was abruptly stopped as one of Fearless’ colleagues spotted them and the pro player was reprimanded. 

Following this, Rebellion Zion issued an official statement on its Instagram handle stating it released Fearless from its MLBB roster.

“We as an organization highly value women and do not tolerate any actions that discredit women,” wrote the esports organization.

“We apologize for the incident that occurred especially to Widi for the inappropriate actions from one of our members,” Rebellion Zion added.

MPL Indonesia also responded to this issue and penalized Fearless, as revealed in the official statement posted on Facebook.

“The Indonesian MPL honors the decision made by the management of Rebellion Zion to stop ‘Fearless’ after its unprofessional behavior. According to league rules, we will penalize the relevant party for this violation,” captioned MPL Indonesia.

The league is yet to reveal the penalties that Fearless shall receive due to his violation. Given how sexual harassment is a serious crime, the pro player may be banned from participating in any official MLBB esports events in the future. For now, fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for the final verdict regarding Fearless.

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