PUBG Mobile Shades of Fantasy Spin: New Ultimate Set, Upgradable M762, More


PUBG Mobile Shades of Fantasy Spin: New Ultimate Set, Upgradable M762, More

Ahsan Kabir
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"Shades of Fantasy" Lucky Spin introduces the Luminous Muse Set, enhancing character aesthetics with vibrant, intricate designs.
Upgradable M762 skin allows personalization and visual enhancement of players' weaponry with 7 layers of upgrade.
Event runs from 24th April to 23rd May , offering exclusive rewards through in-game spins.

PUBG Mobile is set to enhance the gaming experience with its upcoming Shades of Fantasy Lucky Spin Event. This event promises players exclusive access to new in-game content, including the dazzling Luminous Muse Set, and a customizable M762 skin.

Here is a look at what players can expect.

PUBG Mobile Shades of Fantasy Spin: Complete Details

Introducing Luminous Muse Set

The upcoming Luminous Muse Set offers a striking and vibrant design tailored especially for female characters. This ultimate set combines vivid colors with intricate details, designed to stand out on the battlegrounds.

Customize Your Arsenal With Luminous Muse M762

In addition to the character set, the event also introduces the Luminous Muse M762—an upgradable skin for the M762 assault rifle.

This new feature allows players to personalize their weapons with unique designs, adding an extra layer of customization and flair to their gameplay. The upgraded skin is not just about aesthetics; it also signifies a player’s prowess and style.

Luminous Muse M762 in PUBG: Mobile

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Shades of Fantasy Event Details: Duration and Availability

Mark your calendars! The Shades of Fantasy Lucky Spin event kicks off on 24th April 2024 and will continue until 23rd May 2024. Throughout this period, players have the opportunity to acquire the exclusive Luminous Muse Set and the upgradable M762 skin.

Participating in Shades of Fantasy Lucky Spin Event

To participate in the Lucky Spin, players should follow these steps:

  1. Access the Event: Open PUBG Mobile and navigate to the game's interface.

  2. Find the Event Banner: Look for the "Shades of Fantasy" Lucky Spin banner and click on it.

  3. Use In-Game Currency: Spend UC (Unknown Cash) to take part in the lucky spin.

  4. Spin to Win: Each spin provides a chance to win coveted rewards, including the new Luminous Muse Set and the customizable M762 skin.

The latest update from PUBG Mobile is set to bring a fresh wave of excitement with its visually appealing and customizable content. Please make sure that you understand the event mechanics properly before proceeding with the draw using UC.

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