PUBG Mobile x Liverpool Collaboration Announced


PUBG Mobile Partners With Liverpool to Launch Exclusive Skins and Themed Events

PUBG Mobile x Liverpool collaboration is here!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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PUBG Mobile has announced its collaboration with renowned English Premier League football club Liverpool FC.
This partnership will feature exclusive and exciting in-game items, cosmetics, and themed events.
The collaboration is all set to go live on 12th November and will be active till 20th December 2021.

PUBG Mobile has partnered with renowned English Premier League football club Liverpool FC (LFC), bringing exclusive and exciting in-game features and themed events for the Reds fans. The collaboration was announced on 29th October via a press release by Liverpool FC on its official website, and is all set to go live on 12th Nov 2021.

This partnership will include limited-edition LFC-branded outfits, gears, and other cosmetic items within PUBG Mobile for the fans of the popular football club. Apart from this, there will be multiple themed events through which users will be able to claim certain special rewards like permanent LFC branded backpacks and parachutes.

PUBG Mobile x Liverpool FC Collaboration Announced

The partnership set to go live on 12th November will be live and active till 20th December 2021, during which PUBG Mobile players will get a chance to get their hands on Liverpool FC exclusive in-game merchandise.

This is the first time that Liverpool FC has collaborated with PUBG Mobile with the press release stating that:

The gaming hub also connects players from all over the globe, which will bring supporters together in this virtual world to show their support and love for the club.
Liverpool FC - Press Release

The limited-time partnership will bear witness to the release of exclusive in-game skins and cosmetic items being released for PUBG Mobile including LFC team kit, branded outfits, gears, and other items. While some of them will be paid, others (backpack, parachute, more) can be redeemed by players for free via themed events which will go live soon.

Norwegian DJ, Alan Walker who has collaborated with PUBG Mobile on multiple occasions previously commented on the news saying "Best collab(oration) to date!!"

In an increasingly digital world, we pride ourselves on being able to innovate and engage with our fans on the vast array of digital platforms they favour. With the realm of online gaming growing and evolving amongst our fans, PUBG MOBILE is the perfect platform to connect with them in a different but very relevant context – intertwining the world of online gaming and football through the power of games and play.
Drew Crisp - Senior Vice-President, Digital at LFC

This might just be the first of many such collaborations with football and other sporting clubs as Vincent Want, Head of PUBG Mobile publishing said that "As we continue to strengthen our current bonds and develop prominent relationships with iconic industry leaders, we look forward to further integrating the world of football into PUBG MOBILE.”

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