Pokemon UNITE Reveals Delphox Release Date


Pokemon UNITE Reveals Delphox Release Date

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Delphox will soon be arriving in Pokemon UNITE on 8th June.
Delphox is said to be an offensive type Pokemon.
The release date of Delphox may vary depending on the region.

Delphox will soon be arriving in Pokemon UNITE on 8th June for all platforms. The new Pokemon is said to be a fire-psychic type attacker with a seemingly high Special (Sp.) attack status. As an offensive type, Delphox may become one of the top contenders in the Pokemon UNITE meta alongside the top-performing ones such as Lucario, Greninja, and Hoopa. The upcoming Pokemon has three evolutions starting with Fennekin to Braixen and eventually Delphox. More information regarding its abilities and mechanics are yet to be revealed. The release date of Delphox in Pokemon UNITE may also vary depending on the region.

Delphox Release Date in Pokemon UNITE

Delphox first debuted in Pokemon X and Y. The Pokemon eventually became iconic and was featured in various animated series and video games. With the recent announcement, it would seem that Delphox is finally making its way into Pokemon UNITE.

According to the official Twitter handle, Delphox will be released on 8th June at 12:00 AM (UTC). However, depending on the region and server, the release dates and time may vary.

Here is a list of estimated release dates, according to game8.co

  • US West Coast (PDT) - 8th June at 5:00 PM

  • US East Coast (EST) - 8th June at 8:00 PM

  • London (GMT) - 9th June at 1:00 AM

  • Japan (JST) - 9th June at 9:00 AM

The playstyle and mechanics of Delphox are yet to be revealed by Pokemon UNITE. A teaser trailer showing the upcoming Pokemon in action is also yet to be released. However, given that the Delphox will be arriving in a few days, Pokemon UNITE may be releasing a preview soon.

Considering the release of various Pokemon in the mobile MOBA title. It would seem that Pokemon UNITE plans to release one new Pokemon every month, with Espeon being released back in May 2022. If the developers continue at this pace, players can expect one new playable Pokemon per month.

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