Pokemon UNITE Dragapult Release Date Confirmed


Pokemon UNITE Dragapult Release Date Confirmed

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Dragapult is set to be released on 29th December in Pokemon UNITE.
Dragapult is classified as an attacker-type Pokemon.
Dragapult's moves have been teased in the official Japanese Twitter post.

The official Twitter account of Pokemon UNITE has revealed that the upcoming new Pokemon Dragapult is scheduled to be released sometime in late December. The release date was revealed on 22nd December. However, the release date was then updated to a later date as the previously announced date was incorrect. Dragapult in Pokemon UNITE is classified as a ranged attacker, adding to the pool of damage-type Pokemon in the roster. The playable Pokemon is also said to be very agile, as revealed in the Japanese teaser video. Dragapult starts off as its base form Dreepy and evolves to Drakloak, before evolving to its final form. 

When will Dragapult be released in Pokemon UNITE

Dragapult is set to be released in Pokemon UNITE on 29th December, according to the official Twitter post. The official page previously stated that the Pokemon will be released on 28th December but it later clarified that it was an error and apologized for the confusion.

Dragapult abilities in Pokemon UNITE

According to the Japanese teaser for Dragapult in Pokemon UNITE, its moves are as follows;

Dragon Dance

Attacks nearby foes while flying in a circle. The action can be repeated one more time while flying.

Dragon Breath

Breathes flames to damage enemies. The ground is then set on fire, slowing enemies and continuing to deal damage. During the Dragon Dance, the move may also be executed while flying, slowing enemies by scattering flames in their path.

Phantom Force

Becomes temporarily invisible and moves faster. The enhanced attack gauge gradually builds while invisible. Dragapult's attack speed briefly increases once the invisibility expires.

The cooldown of the move is shortened when an opponent is knocked unconscious, and Dragapult's attack power is permanently increased.

Shadow Ball

Fires a ball that marks targets up to four stacks. Attacking marked opponents increases the damage dealt and removes one mark. Dragapult's HP is restored and deals additional damage if all four marks disappear.

UNITE Move: Dreep and Destroy

Dragapult’s UNITE Move is yet to be revealed. Fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for more updates in the future.

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