PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1: Recap, Standings, Top Fraggers, More


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PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1: Recap, Standings, Top Fraggers, More

Ahsan Kabir
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Vampire Esports dominates with 54 eliminations and 77 points, led by top fragger TonyK.
TonyK, Schwepxz, and Stoned , all Vampire Esports players dominates top fraggers list.

After a flashy opening day at PMWI 2023 Main Stage, the top threats have already been identified and it is Vampire Esports once again, the champion from Allstars Stage who has taken the lead with 54 eliminations and a total of 77 points. Their closest competitor, Alpha7, lags behind by 16 points, while Alter Ego, Six Two Eight, and Box Gaming closely trail.

Even after a perfect opening, the South Asian poster boys Stalwart Esports had a concerning performance, sitting a 39 points difference from the table topper. Let's take a look at the highlights from each match on Day 3.

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 - Match Wise Recap

Match 1
In Match 1, Stalwart Esports played strategically, securing an uncontested position in Bootcamp and making careful rotations. Their cautious approach paid off as they emerged as the sole surviving 3-man team, securing the first chicken dinner of the tournament with an impressive DBS clutch.

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 1

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 1 Standings

Match 2
Match 2 saw a strong comeback from Alter Ego, strategically utilizing the circle to their advantage and impeding Vampire Esports' entry into the safe zone. However, Vampire Esports still reigned supreme, accumulating an astounding 16 eliminations and maintaining their dominance.

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 2

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 2 Standings

Match 3

The third match proved to be a high-scoring affair for Geekay Esports, Vampire Esports, and Fire Flux. Geekay Esports fought valiantly but finished in third place. The intense showdown between Fire Flux and Vampire Esports ended in Vampire Esports' favor, earning them more points and widening their lead.

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 3

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 3 Standings

Match 4

Forced into the open fields at north of Yasnaya, it was only Box Gaming, Gaimin Gladiators and Geekay Esports who made it till the closing round. However, Box Gaming remained ahead every step of the way. Making one perfect move after another, the team strategically menuevered the fearsome Gladiator squad in a game of flanks and pushes. Geekay Esports as well stood no chance against the rampaging Box Squad as these winners bagged 23 points from the match.

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 4

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 4 Standings

 Match 5

The Miramar match probably saw the most dramatic ending of the day where the tides kept shifting between team Six Two Eight and Alpha7 Esports. Although Six Two Eight got themselves some crucial openings, the trades from A7 proved to be much more fatal. Especially from Mafioso who alone took down two rushing members from Six Two Eight. Following his blows, A7’s managed to get the revives in and secure the victory with ease.

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 5

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 5 Standings

Match 6

STE’s lackluster run continued till the final match as they reached another 5th place exit. On the other hand, Vampire Esports took another leap to end the day with. Their slow and steady approach from the northern ridges helped them to stay harms away from the skirmishes of the end circle while securing the most crucial eliminations to pave their way for a chicken dinner. 

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 6

PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1 Match 6 Standings

Top Fraggers from PMWI 2023 Main Stage Day 1

TonyK from Vampire Esports led the pack with an impressive 19 eliminations, followed closely by Schwepxz and Stoned from the same team with 15 eliminations each. Satan from Geekay Esports showcased remarkable performance with 14 eliminations, followed by Xing from Six Two Eight with 13 eliminations.

PMWI 2023 Main Tournament: Livestream Details

The PMWI 2023 Main Tournament is broadcasted live across multiple streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Huya in almost 20 different languages. Matches for today begin at 16:30 IST today.

 Stay tuned to AFK Gaming for daily coverage of PMWI 2023.

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