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PMGC 2023 Group Red Day 2: Overall Standings, Match Summary and More

Umesh Borkar
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Nongshim Redforce, Nigma Galaxy and Morph Esports dominate PMGC 2023 Group Red.
Few seasoned teams like Faze and Duksan Esports are yet to put forth consistent performances.

Day 2 of Players Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023 has concluded. Nongshim Redforce, Nigma Galaxy and Morph GPX were the teams who dominated Group Red.

Seasoned teams like Faze and Duksan Esports have had below average performances whereas Six Two Eight (STE) is placed on the fourth spot and is the closest to the top 3 spot.

PMGC 2023 Group Red Day 2 Match Summary

  • Sanhok: Nat Boltu (NB) Esports grabbed the first chicken dinner of the day with 17 points. SZ STE showed good teamwork and were placed second with 12 points. Faze and NASR Esports secured 10 and 9 points respectively. N Hyper Esports and Hail Esports were eliminated early with 2 points each whereas Konina Power was eliminated without securing a point.

  • Erangel: Intense Games secured a 21 point chicken dinner including 11 elimination points. Nigma Galaxy showed good rotations and grabbed 11 points. NASR Esports continued its good run and got 9 points. Hail Esports and Nongshim RedForce were able to get 8 points each for their team effort. N Hyper Esports and Duksan Esports were eliminated with 2 points each.

  • Erangel: NASR Esports after two back to back good games secured a chicken dinner with 21 points. Next Ruya were placed second and got 13 points. NASR continued its momentum and grabbed 12 points. SZ STE, Seventh Element, NB Esports and Yoodo Alliance secured 4 points each. While Faze and iNCO Gaming were eliminated without scoring any points.

  • Erangel: Faze Clan made a comeback and grabbed a 20 point chicken dinner. Nigma Galaxy placed second and got 16 points including 10 elimination points. NASR Esports again had a good game and secured 16 points. Intense Games and Yoodo Alliance were able to secure 12 and 11 points respectively. NB Esports and Konina Power were eliminated in the initial stages without scoring any points.

  • Miramar: N Hyper Esports secured its first chicken dinner of the day with 20 points. Nigma Galaxy got 13 points for their teamwork. Intense Games and NB Esports were able to grab 11 points each. Faze, Konina Power and NASR Esports were able to secure only a single point from the match.

  • Miramar: Morph GPX secured the chicken dinner in the last match of the day with 24 points including 14 elimination points. Yoodo Alliance was able to grab 15 points. Faze made a comeback to secure 14 points. Nigma Galaxy, iNCO Gaming and SZ STE were able to secure 7 points each. The last match also saw over 6 teams get eliminated without scoring any points.

The first two days of PMGC 2023 have been dominated by teams like Nongshim RedForce Esports, Nigma Galaxy and Morph GPX whereas some of the experienced teams like Faze and Duksan Esports are yet to show their prowess.

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