PMGC 2023 Grand Finals: Overall Standings, Winners, Prize Pool Distribution and More

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IHC Esports were placed at the 6th spot on Day 1 of the PMGC 2023 Grand Finals but put forth consistent performances on Days 2 and 3 leading to the team being crowned the champion of the event.
Stalwart Esports also put forth consistent performances in the Grand Finals but missed the title by just 4 points.
Zyol from IHC Esports was the MVP and the GunSlinger of the Grand Finals.

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2023 provided its viewers with some back to back action packed matches in the event’s Grand Finals. After some intense battles on the last day, IHC Esports was crowned champion of the event.

IHC Esports took home a massive sum of $453,500 USD. Stalwart Esports placed second and got $263,000 USD, and Alpha7 Esports placed third and got $184,000 USD.

The event also had some special awards like Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Gun Slinger which was won by Zolboot "Zyol" Bayartsengel from IHC Esports. Nuttapat "MELA" Chitprommetta from Faze Clan received the Grenade Master award and Nguyễn "ParaJin" Đình Chiến from D'Xavier received the Field Medic award.

PMGC 2023 Grand Finals Overall Standings

IHC Esports was able to grab the championship from Stalwart Esports by just 4 points. It was placed at the top spot with 142 total points, 1 chicken dinner including 110 elimination points. Stalwart Esports placed second got 138 total points and 3 chicken dinners. Alpha7 Esports who was also placed at the top of the table for the majority of Day 3 slipped to the third spot with 131 total points.

4 Merical Vibes placed fourth and got 127 points with 2 chicken dinners including 84 elimination points. D’Xavier closely followed them with 124 points and 2 chicken dinners. Faze Clan put forth consistent performances and scored 120 points from 18 matches with 1 chicken dinner. 

Nongshim RedForce was placed at the seventh spot with 112 points. Weibo Gaming placed at the eight spot and got 110 points for its efforts.

Prize Pool Distribution

  • IHC Esports (Champion) - $400,000 USD. 

  • Stalwart Esports (Runners up) - $200,000 USD. 

  • Alpha7 Esports (3rd Place) - $120,000 USD.

  • 4Merical Vibes (4th Place) - $80,000 USD.

  • D'Xavier (5th Place) - $62,000 USD.

  • Faze Clan (6th Place) - $51,000 USD.

  • NS RedForce (7th Place) - $42,000 USD.

  • Weibo Gaming (8th Place) - $35,000 USD. 

  • TEC (9th Place) - $32,500 USD.

  • STE (10th Place) - $30,000 USD. 

  • S2G Esports (11th Place) - $27,000 USD. 

  • Loops Esports (12th Place) - $25,000 USD.

  • Persija Evos (13th Place) - $22,500 USD. 

  • Major Pride (14th Place) - $20,000 USD. 

  • Yoodo Alliance (15th Place) - $17,500 USD. 

  • Morph GPX (16th Place) - $15,000 USD.

Special Individual Awards:

  • Final MVP - Zyol (IHC Esports)

  • Gunslinger - Zyol (IHC Esports)

  • Grenade Master - Mela (Faze Clan)

  • Field Medic - Parajin (D’Xavier)

Overall the PMGC 2023 edition saw some intense battles over a period of a month. Some of the experienced teams could not put forth their best performance in pressure situations and were placed in the second half of the points table.

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