Philippines Claims Gold Medal Finish at the ASEAN Paralympic Games MLBB Event


Philippines Claims Gold Medal Finish at the ASEAN Paralympic Games MLBB Event

John Dave Rossel
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The Philippines wins another Gold Medal at the ASEAN Paralympic Games MLBB event.
The Philippines dominated Malaysia with a 3-0 score in the grand finals match.
The ASEAN Paralympic Games MLBB event is a an esports tournament held for athletes with disabilities from the member countries of the ASEAN group.

The Philippines continues to captivate with its unrivaled prowess, as the country emerged victorious in the 12th ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Paralympic Games Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) event, leaving a trail of victories in its wake. In a thrilling finale, the region’s representative swept Malaysia with a resounding 3-0 victory, maintaining an unbeaten record throughout the tournament.

The ASEAN Paralympic Games is a multi-sport event held for athletes with disabilities from the member countries of the ASEAN group. It serves as a platform for para-athletes to showcase their skills, compete at an international level, and promote inclusivity and sportsmanship.

Philippines claims another Gold Medal finish at the ASEAN Para Games

Although esports is classified as a demonstration event in the ASEAN Paralympic Games, this achievement stands as a historic moment for the Philippines. The team, consisting of Marvin Angelo Ignacio, Chester Gonzales, Joshua Detera, Jasper Lorenz Ambat, Ashly Paghubasan, and their esteemed coaches Francis "Duckeyyy" Glindro and Vrendon "V" Pesebre, has undeniably brought immense pride to the nation.

The Philippines' triumph over Malaysia in the grand finale event showcased their strategic brilliance and flawless execution. Despite Malaysia's crucial adjustments in the drafting phase to outsmart their opponents, the Philippines proved its superiority once again, reminiscent of the SIBOL squad's clutch gold medal win in the 32nd Southeast Asia (SEA) Games Mobile Legends Men’s event.

Solidifying the MLBB supremacy in the region, the Philippines secured a historic victory over Malaysia. Sibol, the Philippine representative, effortlessly breezed through the competition in the ASEAN Para Games, remaining undefeated and unchallenged.

The team's remarkable journey included a 2-0 triumph against Cambodia, followed by sweeping victories over Thailand and Malaysia. In the gold medal match, they left no doubt about their dominance, overwhelming Malaysia with a commanding 3-0 score to claim the coveted gold.

This triumph adds to the Philippines' ongoing MLBB dominance in the region, building upon its gold medal victory in the 32nd Southeast Asian Games earlier this year. The Sibol Men's MLBB team, led by members of the renowned Bren Esports squad, demonstrated unmatched skills and an indomitable spirit. The Philippines leaves an indelible mark in the ASEAN Para Games, as its Mobile Legends legacy continues to thrive.

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