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Phase 3 of Project NEXT Will Release in September 2021

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The next phase of Project NEXT 2021 will be released sometime in September 2021.
Revamps for Odette, Kagura, Hayabusa, and Lancelot can be expected.
The game will also receive some major UI improvements and features that allow players to customize their play.

New information regarding Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's upcoming Project NEXT Phase 3 has surfaced. Kazuki Official, a data miner, reports that the next phase of Project NEXT 2021 will be released sometime in September 2021, including updates for Odette, Kagura, Hayabusa, and Lancelot. In addition to the new hero overhauls, the game will also receive some major UI improvements and features that allow players to customize their play. Project NEXT Phase 3 has yet to be officially announced by Monton. However, they did reveal some of the upcoming content that players can expect soon.

Project NEXT Phase 3 Leaks

Amid the release of Project NEXT 2021 in Mobile Legends, the third phase of the update may be arriving soon according to data miners. The upcoming update has been revealed to contain four more hero revamps as well as a complete overhaul of the game’s interface and in-game map.

Four Hero Revamps

After releasing the hero revamps for Karina, Minotaur, and Alpha, Moonton is planning on revamping more heroes in Mobile Legends. This new hero revamps will be for Odette, Kagura, Hayabusa, and Lancelot. Information regarding the upcoming revamps is yet to be revealed except concept arts from the developers.

Hayabusa will receive a revamp soon.

Kazuki Official

The data miner, Kazuki Official also stated that there may be more heroes who will be receiving revamps that are not part of the Project NEXT Phase 3. These heroes are Franco, Kimmy, Faramis, and Vexana. These heroes are expected to receive their revamps on Project NEXT Phase 4.

Four more heroes will soon have their revamps.

Kazuki Official

UI and Map Improvements

The game will also be receiving major improvements to its UI and map design. The map will be completely overhauled with a new look and much more detailed textures.

New 5v5 map design.

Kazuki Official

Jungle creeps will also be remodeled to match the new map, making them much more dangerous and cool-lookin

New designs of jungle creeps and objectives.

Kazuki Official

The main lobby will have a complete overhaul, making it much more organized than the current interface. As an added bonus, the background will also change according to your region’s time. However, it is still unclear whether this new main lobby will be released on Project NEXT Phase 3 or Phase 4.

New main lobby design.

Kazuki Official

Players can also set their favorite heroes as the main lobby background if they wish to.

Set your favourite hero as main lobby background.

Kazuki Official

The profile section will also be receiving big changes to its interface. Your achievements are now all organized and grouped all in one place so you no longer have to tap buttons in order to view much of your profile and achievements.

New profile interface.

Kazuki Official

Players can definitely expect more surprises from Moonton for the Project NEXT 2021 update in Mobile Legends. In the meantime, players can enjoy the first and second batch of updates which features the revamped heroes Karina, Minotaur, and Alpha along with the new gameplay improvements and new items in the game.

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