Orangutan Gaming’s Future Plans for Free Fire Revealed

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Orangutan Gaming’s Future Plans for Free Fire Revealed


In a recent livestream, Orangutan Gaming’s Head of Esports, Vinay “Hades” Rao, stated that the organization had given its Free Fire players the freedom to build a lineup of their choosing.
Hades added that the organization has 7 to 8 players, and it is up to the players to build a lineup.
He also stated that the organization would not consider signing two rosters.

Vinay “Hades” Rao, the Head of Esports at Orangutan Gaming, recently discussed the organization’s plans for Free Fire. According to him, the players have been given the freedom to form a lineup of their own choosing. Hades mentioned the players should around the time of Free Fire's return.

Hades also spoke about the possibility of having two rosters since the team has 7-8 Free Fire players under the Orangutan Gaming brand and gave further insight into their approach.

Orangutan Gaming empowers players to build their own Free Fire lineup

In a recent livestream, Hades was discussing the organization’s plans for its Free Fire roster. He revealed that Orangutan Gaming had given its players a lot of freedom in building a lineup. The players have been given the option to form a lineup with any combination of players they prefer, including Rohit “RDP” Sahu, Lokesh “PAHADI” Karakoti, Dev “ICONIC” Kumar, Ajay Kumar “JONTY” Banga, either all in one lineup or separate lineups. The decision on how to build the roster is entirely in the hands of the players. Hades also mentioned that Orangutan Gaming currently has 7 to 8 players, and the players are free to make their choice. “We have 7 to 8 players under us (Orangutan Gaming). Now it is up to them how they build a lineup,” he added.

Hades claimed that Orangutan Gaming would get the information about Free Fire’s return about one and a half or one week before the game’s return date. He added, “At that time, we would have one roster ready, and we would continue with that roster.”

Following this, a fan asked if there was any possibility that Orangutan Gaming would sign two Free Firee rosters at the same time. Responding to this, Hades stated that it is possible, but the company wants to focus on a single lineup. He explained that having two rosters would bring the challenge of deciding which roster to support, as it would be difficult for the organization to choose one over the other. While fans may be able to support both teams, the organization would have to prioritize one lineup over the other and make a decision on which team to push. “We would have to decide which lineup we should push. So we only want to keep one lineup,” he added.

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