Orangutan Gaming Considering Switching Its BGMI Roster to New State Mobile


Orangutan Gaming Debates Moving its BGMI Team to New State Mobile

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In a recent livestream, Orangutan Gaming’s Head of Esports stated that the chances of BGMI’s return are 50-50.
Hades explained that due to this uncertainty, the organization does not want to sign a New State Mobile roster.
He added that the organization is considering switching its BGMI roster to New State Mobile.

Vinay “Hades” Rao, the Head of Esports at Orangutan Gaming, recently revealed the organization’s plans for New State Mobile esports. He said the organization planned on signing a New State Mobile roster, but he was concerned that the popularity of New State Mobile would decline if Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) returned, which would result in the organization scrapping the roster. As a result, Orangutan Gaming is allegedly weighing the option of having its Battlegrounds Mobile India players transition to New State Mobile temporarily, until the former game's potential return.

Orangutan Gaming does not plan to sign a new roster for New State Mobile

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Hades about the organization’s plans for a New State Mobile roster. Hades stated that the organization had plans to sign the New State Mobile roster, but was concerned about the decline in the popularity of New State Mobile if BGMI returns, which would force them to release the roster. “And I don’t like kicking players that I sign because they become a family,” he said.

According to Hades, Head of Esports at Orangutan Gaming, the organization is still waiting for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) to return. However, with rumors suggesting a 50-50 chance of its return, the team is considering having its BGMI players switch to New State Mobile.. “Our BGMI players are grinding, and we have been hearing that there will be a New State Mobile LAN event in March and an official tournament too. We are thinking, it’s not decided, that our BGMI players could start grinding New State Mobile, and hopefully, if they’re doing good, we will continue with them as the New State Mobile lineup,” he said.

Hades noted that Orangutan Gaming's roster was skilled and capable of adapting to both BGMI and New State Mobile. He added that if New State Mobile continues to progress, Orangutan Gaming’s BGMI players would shift entirely to New State Mobile. However, if New State Mobile were to lose popularity following the return of BGMI, the entire lineup would be shifted back to BGMI.

“We could do this right now, but we are waiting because we don’t want our team to break. Because I believe our team has the strongest synergy in the BGMI competition,” Hades said. According to Hades, only GodLike Esports and Team SouL could compete with the synergy of Orangutan Gaming’s BGMI roster, as well as possibly the old lineup of Team Tamilas. He emphasized that he was only talking about synergy, not gameplay, gun power, or other factors.

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