Onic Esports Kiboy Claims He Knew How to Counter Natalia Thanks to Baloyskie


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Onic Esports Kiboy Claims He Knew How to Counter Natalia Thanks to Baloyskie

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ONIC Esports scored a clean sweep victory against Falcon Esports in the opening day of the M4 World Championship playoffs.
ONIC Esports continues its journey in the upper bracket while Falcon Esports will compete in the lower bracket for a grand finals slot.
According to Kiboy, Baloyskie played a part in how he was able to deal with Falcon Esports' Natalia pick on Game 3.

ONIC Esports showed its dominance as it swept the fan-favorite Myanmar squad Falcon Esports in the opening match of the M4 World Championship Playoffs stage. The team’s iconic Filipino import Kairi "Kairi" Rayosdelsol showcased his expertise in the jungle and spearheaded the squad into securing a 3-0 flawless victory. ONIC Esports will continue to compete in the upper bracket while Falcon Esports will head to the lower bracket.

In a post-match interview, ONIC Esports’ roamer shared how he was able to prevent Falcon Esports’ Natalia roam from spearheading and spoiling the Indonesian squad’s clean sweep victory.

ONIC Esports upsets Falcon Esports with a clean sweep victory

The Playoffs stage of the M4 World Championship opened with two of the strongest teams fighting to retain their upper bracket position. 

The first two games of the series saw Kairi leading the charge as ONIC Esports continuously pressured Falcon Esports into submission. The Myanmar squad tried its best to equalize the match but could not turn the tide in its favor. 

Kairi struggled to keep his momentum in the third game of the series. However, ONIC Esports was able to hold its own thanks to the valiant efforts of Gilang "S A N Z" and stall until the late game where the squad finally sealed the win and closed the series with a sweep.

ONIC Esports scores a clean sweep victory over Falcon Esports.

Kiboy owes his anti-Natalia tactics to Baloyskie

During the third game of the series, Falcon Esports’ Min "Naomi" Ko gave ONIC Esports a hard time with his Natalia playstyle. However, the Indonesian squad was able to pull through thanks to its roamer Nicky "Kiboy" Fernando keeping the team safe with his Mathilda.

Through a post-match interview, the pro player revealed how he was able to keep Falcon Esports’ Natalia from spearheading and spoiling ONIC Esports’ game three momentum.

“I can play Nata[lia] too, right? And I have the stronger Natalia, Baloyskie. I learned so much from Baloyskie,” explained Kiboy.

It looks like ONIC Esports’ roamer studied how Geek Fam’s Filipino import Allen "Baloyskie" Baloy played as he was coincidently a former member of ONIC Philippines (PH).

ONIC Esports will have its next match on 12th January at 7:00 PM (PHT). Falcon Esports will have one last chance to redeem itself in the lower brackets and vye for a grand finals spot in the M4 World Championship.

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