OHEB Influenced RRQ Skylar’s Multiple Beatrix Picks in the MPL ID Season 9


OHEB Influenced RRQ Skylar’s Multiple Beatrix Picks in the MPL ID Season 9

John Dave Rossel
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RRQ Skylar revealed that Blacklist International's OHEB gave him the idea of using Beatrix to win in the first week of the MPL ID Season 9.
The player is also a big fan of OHEB and idolizes the latter

The influence of Blacklist International continues to spread as Rex Regum Qeon’s (RRQ Hoshi) gold laner, Schevenko "Skylar" David Tendean revealed why he kept using Beatrix in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) Indonesia (ID) Season 9. Through a post match interview, after RRQ Hoshi finished its final match series of the week, Skylar explained that Blacklist International’s gold laner, Kiel "OHEB" Calvin Q. Soriano, gave him the idea to keep using Beatrix to win matches. He added that there is no need to use other heroes if he can win using the same hero every time.

RRQ Skylar explains why he keeps using Beatrix

One of the powerhouses of the Indonesian MLBB scene, RRQ Hoshi, had a dominant week with two clean sweep victories against Geek Fam and Alter Ego. One noticeable strategy that the team used was the multiple Beatrix picks by its pro player, Skylar. The gold laner never switched to any other hero and played only Beatrix. This proved to be immensely worthwhile in both the match series.

After a smooth victory against Alter Ego, Skylar explained in the post-match interview why he kept using Beatrix instead of playing other heroes for the first week of the MPL ID Season 9.

“Yeah, my idol (OHEB) from the Philippines told me ‘just play Beatrix to win’,” he said.

Skylar continued by saying that if RRQ Hoshi can win by using the same heroes then there is no need to play other heroes and he will keep spamming heroes that are effective for the team.

This isn’t the first time Blacklist International’s pro players influenced pro players from other regions in the MLBB esports scene. The captain of the North American team, BloodThirstyKings, Michael "MobaZane" Cosgun, admitted that his playstyle is influenced by the Philippines team’s jungler, Danerie "Wise" James Del Rosario.

Considering how influential Blacklist International’s playstyle is in the MLBB esports scene, this may mean that the M3 World Champion indeed defines “The Meta,” as stated by its assistant coach, Aniel Master the Basics Jiandani.

RRQ Skylar’s Beatrix-spam tactic will be put to the test as RRQ Hoshi will be facing the defending champion, ONIC Esports, in the upcoming second week of the MPL ID Season 9 on 26th Feb.

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