Nova Esports Wild Rift World Championship Skins Unveiled

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Nova Esports Wild Rift World Championship Skins Unveiled


The first world series skins for Wild Rift have been revealed by SkinSpotlights.
The Wild Rift Nova Skins are for the champions Lee Sin, Lucian, Morgana, Nasus, and Riven.
The release date of the Wild Rift Nova skins is yet to be announced.

The inaugural League of Legends: Wild Rift World Championship skins featuring Nova Esports have been revealed. The upcoming world-series skins are for the champions Lee Sin, Lucian, Morgana, Nasus, and Riven. Each Wild Rift Nova skin‘s designs have been unveiled albeit, still incomplete and a work in progress. A final version of the skin designs and visual effects shall be announced at a later date.

The release dates of the upcoming Wild Rift Nova skins are yet to be revealed by Riot Games. However, according to data miners, these skins are likely to arrive in the Patch 4.1 update.

Wild Rift Nova Skins revealed

Through a video by SkinSpotlights Wild Rift, fans saw a glimpse of what to expect in the first ever set of world series skins for the game. These skins are themed around the champions of the Icons Global Championship 2022, Nova Esports.

Each of the skins resemble an animal with a prestigious color combination of Purple and Silver. Here is the list of the upcoming Nova skins in Wild Rift;

  • Nova Lee Sin

  • Nova Lucian

  • Nova Morgana

  • Nova Nasus

  • Nova Riven

Here is a preview of the inaugural world series skins;

Wild Rift Nova Lee Sin

Take note that the preview provided by SkinSpotlights Wild Rift is still a work in progress. The final designs of each skin shall be announced at a later date.

Nova Esports marked its legacy in the Wild Rift esports scene

Chinese team Nova Esports won the inaugural Wild Rift Icons Global Championship 2022 in dominant fashion, scoring a clean sweep 4-0 victory against J Team in the grand finals.

Riot Games kept its tradition of releasing esports themed skins based on the world series champions of its esports titles. This means that Nova Esports not only went home with $640k USD as prize money but also earned the privilege of having their own in-game Season 1 World Championship skin line in Wild Rift.

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