Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023 League Day 2: Match Recap, Overall Standings

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023 League Day 2: Match Recap, Overall Standings, More</p></div>
Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023 League Day 2: Match Recap, Overall Standings, More



Stunning Comebacks and Dominant Performances Shape Day 2 of Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup.
Blind Esports Shines with Two Victories, Godlike Esports Bounces Back in Spectacular Fashion.
Soul Esports Showcases Dominance, Securing 25 Points and 15 Eliminations on Miramar.

The matches for Day 2 of the Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup concluded with thrilling comebacks from the favorites and outstanding performances that reshaped the standings. After lagging at 23rd place after day 1, Godlike Esports bounced back on day 2, recording the biggest leap of the day to 6th place. Blind Esports with two chicken dinners and Team SouL bagging one more win from the day has entered the top 3 on the table. God's Reign however, even after a mediocre run, has clung to the top of the table with a lead of 1 point from Blind Esports.

Nodwin x Rooter BGMI Champions Cup 2023 League Day 2: Match Recap, Overall Standings

Blind Esports' run on the match was a statement made to the critics that condemned their day 1 performance. Blind seemed the most confident in taking fights head on, and what better result would it yield if not from Sanhok. Spower delivered a home run for the team, owning half of the team’s elimination tally.

The top-dogs took the stage again in the following match. The squad faceoff between Godlike and 7SEA Esports came down to DBS trades where Shadow clutched the win for the team. Zgod secured 5 finishes from the game, grabbing the MVP title from the match.

In an intense clash on Miramar in the third match, Big Brother Esports emerged triumphant in a showdown between Group C and D, securing a total of nine frags. The team's IGL MAVI showcased exceptional skills, leading Global Esports to accumulate 15 points, including nine eliminations.

With a remarkable performance, 8Bit secured victory in the fourth match by eliminating Gods Reign in the final zone. Juicy, a prominent athlete from the BGMI division, stood out with five kills, earning the MVP title. Meanwhile, OR Esports and Team AVI scored 12 and 11 points respectively, while GodLike Esports only managed to gather three points in this encounter.

The fifth game, held in Miramar and featuring Group A and B, witnessed a dominant performance from Soul Esports. They showcased their prowess by accumulating a staggering 25 points, including 15 eliminations. Goblin and Akshat displayed their skills with six and three kills respectively, while Revenant, led by BGMI star Sensei, added 12 points to their overall score.

In the sixth match, Blind Esports secured their second victory of the day, concluding Day 2 with 12 eliminations. Gujarat Tigers and Team Soul achieved 16 and 12 points respectively in their final game of the day.

Nevertheless, it was still not enough to overtake Gods Reign on the table. Even on the best performer’s list, Ninjajod is leading the charts with 18 finishes behind his name.

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