NinjaJod Leaves Team XSpark BGMI Team Due to Internal Issues


NinjaJod Leaves Team XSpark Due to Internal Issues

Umesh Borkar
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Scout has revealed that NinjaJod has left Team XSpark due to some internal issues.
Scout also said that NinjaJod will now be seen playing with Team Zero.

Since the conclusion of Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2023, a number of teams have been making changes to their Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) rosters. Following the same trend, Team XSpark also made changes to its BGMI team and revealed their team for the 2024 season with some of the top names in the BGMI scene. 

In a recent live stream, Tanmay “Scout” Singh, the owner of Team XSpark revealed that Shubham “NinjaJod” Sahoo is no longer a part of Team XSpark.

Scout reveals NinjaJod is no longer a part of Team XSpark

In a recent live stream, Scout talked about why NinjaJod left Team XSpark and said, “NinjaJod is not playing with Team XSpark because he is no longer a part of the team. It was a decision made by the team and NinjaJod that they did not want to continue playing together. The team had some internal issues which we cannot say publicly. He will now play for Team Zero as he wants to play a tournament with me and see how things turn out. That is why NinjaJod is playing the Upthrust Esports India Rising tournament with Team Zero.”

This is Team XSparks’ BGMI roster:

  • Tushar “Dreams” Jain.

  • Harsh “Spraygod” Malik.

  • Sarangajyoti “Sarang” Deka.

  • Rahul “Osmium” Sharma (Coach).

Team XSpark revealed its BGMI roster for the 2024 BGMI season in January. It made several changes in 2023 with star players like Pukar “Pukar” Singla, Aditya “Aditya” Mathe and more representing them in the period. Both of them left the team at the start of the 2024 BGMI season with Pukar joining Entity Gaming and Aditya joining Godlike Esports. Tushar "DreamS" Jain who was the In Game Leader (IGL) of Team XSpark also joined Hydra Esports on 13th March 2024.

Team XSpark had added NinjaJod to its lineup for the 2024 season to boost its firepower. NinjaJod is one of the prominent BGMI athletes and has received several Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards. Some of NinjaJod’s major performances have been in events like Villager Esports Pro Invitational 2023, Upthrust Esports Pro Showdown Season 2, and more where he was crowned MVP.

Scout also revealed that Team XSpark needed an assaulter after parting ways with NinjaJod and the team is currently trying out Kyllo in some of the ongoing tournaments.

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