Neyoo Talks About When Godlike Esports Will Resume Grinding BGMI

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Neyoo says GodLike Esports will return to serious gameplay in BGMI once the game returns and confirmed that JONATHAN will also return to playing with the team in BootCamp when it happens.
Despite a slump and failed attempts in past tournaments, GodLike Esports secured the second position in BGMS 2022 and Neyoo believes that everything will be alright when the environment gets serious.
Neyoo also highlighted the current challenge of studying gameplay in BGMI as teams are not fixed and strategies are unknown due to everyone playing for fun.

GodLike Esports’ professional Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) player Suraj “Neyoo” Majumdar recently stated that he would start grinding the game once it returns and everyone gets serious about it. He also mentioned that his teammate Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral would return to the game and that the team would band together at the bootcamp to play together seriously.

In addition, he asked his viewers to relax and assured them that everything would work out once the game returns.

Neyoo and GodLike Esports to start grinding BGMI after its potential return

In a recent livestream, a viewer asked Neyoo when he would start grinding BGMI again. He replied, "The game is unavailable. Let the game return first. Everyone will get serious, and I will return to proper grinding. Everything will be alright. Everything will get sorted for everyone." 

He also mentioned that his teammate Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral would return to playing, and everyone would return to bootcamp. “ Jonny (JONATHAN) will also return to playing; everyone will return to bootcamp. Four players will play together with serious mode on,” he said.

After the launch of BGMI, GodLike Esports was experiencing a slump and had failed to achieve higher ranks in tournaments, including Pro Warrior Cup S2: Conquest Round and Nodwin x Loco All Stars Invitational. However, the team managed to turn their fortunes around and secure the second position in BGMS. 

Neyoo reflected on this, stating that they have risen from their worst phase and secured the second position in the tournament. “The game is now banned; the same thing happened in the last ban, but after the game returned… When the environment gets serious, everything will be alright. Don’t take much stress. See, we are not taking any stress right now. If there were something to stress about, we would have stressed about it. Right now, no one is serious, and we know that everyone is playing for fun,” he added.

Regarding the current situation where no one is playing the game seriously, Neyoo highlighted that teams are not fixed, and no one knows the strategies of other teams, making it challenging to study gameplay. “Three to four squads are dropping at the same location, teams are not fixed, no one knows the drop locations of other teams, no one knows the rotation of other teams, we can’t study anything right now. This game is not only about the gunfight; it is also about study and strategy and improvising strategies according to how other teams play,” he said.

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