Nexplay Tempest Yshin Accuses Nexplay of Mismanagement


Nexplay Tempest's Yshin Calls Out Nexplay Esports for Mismanagement

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Nexplay Esports is under fire once again after one of its pro players from Nexplay Tempest Mobile Legends, Yshin, lashed out at the organization for not properly managing the team.
The pro player posted several screenshots along with a statement detailing her experiences and warning future talents and players of what they may experience in the Nexplay boot camp.
Nexplay Esports issued an official statement saying that it is currently investigating the matter.

Nexplay Esports is under fire once again after one of its pro players from Nexplay Tempest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang division, Myca “Yshin” Pascual, accuses the organization of not properly managing the team. The pro player posted several screenshots along with a statement, warning future talents and players of what they may experience in the Nexplay boot camp. Nexplay Esports released a statement addressing these allegations and stated that it is currently investigating the concerns and are reaching out to the parties involved. The organization will also be replacing the boot camp managers as a way to address the problems presented.

Yshin lashes out at Nexplay Esports for not managing her team properly

After the recent issue where Setsuna "Dogie" Ignacio talked about Nexplay EVOS' alleged boot camp mismanagement, another issue emerged with one of its all-female teams, the Nexplay Tempest. One of the team’s pro players, Yshin, made a lengthy statement regarding her team’s experience in the organization’s boot camp.

Allegedly no COVID-19 tests before joining bootcamp

The pro player stated that “red flags” allegedly began even before she joined the team. The organization did not provide her any transportation allowance and did not ask for parental consent despite the fact that she was only 17 years old at the time she was recruited.

The whole team was also allegedly not tested for COVID-19 before they made it to the boot camp. “So we were rushed to be sent to the boot camp without any swab tests or rapid tests. Especially considering we live far away from the boot camp. From that, you can tell something is wrong,” stated Yshin.

Yshin stated that Dogie offered to help them get vaccinated ASAP but the management stated that they shouldn't bother Dogie as he is from a different team. The management is yet to provide the team with vaccinations, according to Yshin.

Subpar boot camp conditions

Yshin shared a few pictures of her team's condition inside the boot camp. She explained that four of them slept on the floor and were provided only three foams. Yshin also revealed that one of the beds had a very thin foam that they had to place a cardboard below to prevent back pains.

According to the pro player, this issue has been brought up to the management many times, but the management is yet to address it.

Members sleeping on the floor.

Promised female MPL tournament getting indefinitely postponed

Yshin also added that the Nexplay Tempest Mobile Legends team is aware that they are not getting paid but signed up nonetheless . The team was formed because the organization allegedly said that there would be a female Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL). Unfortunately, this tournament was allegedly said to be indefinitely postponed.

Mismanagement at boot camp

The Nexplay Tempest Mobile Legends squad expected to be given enough time for training. However, according to Yshin, they were doing household chores on top of their training. “TBH (To be honest), we manage ourselves in the boot camp,” stated Yshin. “Even washing the dishes and cleaning the boot camp, we had to do it because they said we are girls.

First of all, we came to the BC (boot camp) to get stronger and practice to win a championship, that’s what they said. It’s not that we are lazy but don’t make us do everything because what’s the point of having management if we aren’t taken care of, or managed?” stated Yshin.

Yshin discusses the recent controversial incident that occured at the Nexplay EVOS MPL PH boot camp

Yshin shared her own statements regarding the issue that Dogie previously mentioned in his livestream and vlogs. She stated that they went inside the boot camp because they were ordered by the management to get food supplies.

Remember the part of the livestream where Dogie said that we were casually going in and out of the boys’ unit and drinking? We were told by our manager Macy to go inside and grab food supplies,” Yshin stated.

She continued her statement saying that it was not their fault because they were ordered to grab their meals by the management. But since the issue emerged, Yshin and her teammates are no longer allowed to go inside the Nexplay EVOS MPL PH boot camp.

She also expressed her disappointment against the Nexplay and stated that she felt that the team was disbanded just for the management to save face. She states that she is afraid that when the team leave the boot camp and look for other organizations, they will do so with a bad reputation because of this.

Yshin concludes her post by saying that the Nexplay Tempest team is demanding the organization to release a statement clearing the allegations against them as a result. In addition, the players are also allegedly demanding that Nexplay reimburse players for their travel costs.

Nexplay Esports responds to the boot camp mismanagement allegations

The organization made an official statement following the allegations that the management had received. Nexplay Esports stated that it is taking necessary steps to investigate the issue and is reaching out to the parties involved.

Nexplay Esports will also be making changes to its boot camp such as having new boot camp managers to ensure that the safety and security of the players are met and prevent further issues.

However, the management also controversially stated that "further defamatory remark against those concerned may result in legal action."

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